Wednesday, September 11, 2013


How is The Reaper going to return to Criminal Minds? — Terry

ADAM: There are only a few ways a dead character can resurface -- short of reanimation -- and, well, there is no Walking Dead crossover planned. Instead, both The Reaper (C. Thomas Howell) and Hotch's late wife Haley (Meredith Monroe)...

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  1. Really, really looking forward to this episode!!!

  2. I just can't figure this out. Could it be that someone might've somehow drugged Hotch and the vision he is having about Haley and the Reaper are actually hallucinations.

    And how wonderful it is to get a spoiler for a character other than JJ.

  3. Good... poor Hotch will be hurt again ?

  4. I see where Haley is being referred to as Hotch's late wife. How can she be his late wife if Hotch and her were divorced when she died.

    There was also another time when the show seemed to infer that Hotch was a widower. Again this would not be the case if they were divorced at the time of Haley's death.

    That is unless Hotch and Haley's divorce had not yet been finalized.Then of course it would be perfectly proper to refer to her as his late wife. As would referring to Hotch as a widower.

  5. Glad we're having some Hotch story - especially unfinished business re how he coped after the reaper. Second half Season 5 and Season 6 felt somewhat contrived as hardly any follow up reference to how Hotch was coping..... Hope it is handled realistically....

  6. I'm looking forward to some Hotch centric goodness.

    I feel like its been too long since we've gotten a proper, Hotch focused, development worthy Hotch episode.

    Hopefully no Beth/relationship issues will come up in this episode and it will solely focus on Hotch and his emotional issues related to everything he has been through.

    I've seen some pics of people who were watching CM film this episode, so I think I have an inkling of how they're going to integrate Haley/Foyet into the episode, but I won't give anymore details because even though this article is about spoilers and comments from fans usually speculate there's always someone who reads something they don't want to know and then complains that it has been wrote :/

    But if it is pulled off the way I think it is going to be, I'll be satisfied.


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