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The Criminal Minds season finale came and went, may looks like it was yesterday, but several weeks have already passed, and what's more, due to the elapsed time between filming and airing for each episode, it happens that our lovely writers are finally back at work plotting with their devious and evil minds how to scare all us to death during season 9!

Sadly that means too that we still have a big handful of weeks without a new episode to dig our teeth in, so the as devious and as evil minds of yours truly, the Knights and Ladies of the Criminal Minds Round Table, have thought that we, together, and starting next week, could help our writers a bit, help them to give us the best season 9 possible.

  • Let's rewatch all at once season 8, let's try to pay attention to the details of each episode now that the thrill of first watching is over, let's see what works and what doesn't so much; ours is a well experienced opinion as fans that love the show and know everything to be known about it... Let's give them food for thought!
  • Each week we're going to make a post with the basic information of 2 episodes, and during that week, whenever we can/are in the mood for, we all rewatch them.  
  • In the comments thread of each week post, we write what we think worked best and what we think could have done with some improvements/changes/modifications because it didn't work as well.
  • Because we all are intelligent and mature fans, the comments will be polite. If we disagree with other commenters, we explain why we think differently. And when writing about something we didn't like about an episode, we too explain it with utmost politeness; the writers, and everybody else on the Criminal Minds set, work very hard to give us the best show possible, thinking otherwise is completely foolish, and acting as that wasn't the truth won't be tolerated.
  • Lastly, something all of us need to remember: Elle Greenaway, Jason Gideon and Emily Prentiss are former agents of the FBI who aren't about to come back. No matter if any of them was our favorite character, the actors that portrayed them decided to pursue other endeavors and take their careers in directions that didn't include Criminal Minds; each one of them did so for their own PERSONAL reasons, some of which were made public, and some of which we will never know. As they weren't part of season 8 and won't be part of season 9, talking about comes-back or anything related, will help nobody.
Are you game?


  1. I'm in. CM is always good knitting time.

  2. I'm in. I've got two things to input right away.

    When can I?

  3. Well my first suggestion is going to be for them to quit pairing up JJ and Morgan so much bc those 2 have no chemistry whatsoever.

  4. Are you speaking for the writers? Because to tell people to stop wanting Paget Brewster back in Season 9, when Kirsten Vangsness tweeted the same thing seems a little silly. Maybe you should tell Kirsten to stop sending the same messages fans are sending. This seems like a bit of a sham to tell fans to stop asking for Paget back if that's what they and some of the cast want, unless you have it from Erica Messer that Paget is definitely not being invited back. Paget's made it clear, she want to.

  5. Erica has said she's open for Paget to come back as a guest star but can't see it happening in he near future (I think it was in a tv guide interview). Paget also said she would come back for a guest spot but won't happen too soon (again TV guide).

    I think it's fine prentiss fans want her to come back, especially if she's their favourite. But Paget wanted to leave and explore other avenues, although she did originally want prentiss to be killed off rather than fake killed. The network wanted another actress, so Erica brought on Jeanne, who I think they wanted to bring on in a sensitive way rather than shove her down our throats, like they did with Seaver. So I think it's fine to mention Prentiss every now and again like they did last season (she's been mentioned more than any other characters that have left) but I think it would be the wrong time to bring her back last season. The show is finding balance with a new team and Prentiss left to start a new life, there was no drama around why Prentiss left this time so it stands to reason that the team wouldn't grieve her or be shocked at her absence so they're going to move on with their lives like Prentiss is moving on with hers.

    Perhaps Prentiss could appear in the 200th for some reason, but I think fans of Prentiss shouldn't be so harsh about getting rid of Jeanne and bringing Paget back, when Paget was the one to chose to leave. It must make her feel bad, if fans keep at her about returning to the show when she doesn't want to be there. She's said numerous times that she loves everyone on CM and would go back for a visit but just let her be and do her own thing and try to accept the new girl, who herself must find it difficult.

    The writers are doing their best to integrate Blake. I think while trying to respect Prentiss fans and learning from how they brought in Seaver, Blake had fallen in to the background a bit, then the moment people complain she's too bland and adds nothing to the team and so the writers give her a storyline, people complain that the shows all about Blake.

    As for complaining about the cast wanting Paget back, of course they do they're all friends, but even if it was a possibility for Paget to return it wouldn't happen until contract negotiations next season when Jeanne and MGGs contracts are up. I personally think it was a good thing for Prentiss to go when she did. It felt right considering what went through with Doyle. I also like the current team, although it too me some time to warm up to Blake, I wouldnt want to see JT treat like the other women on the show have been treated.

    Also totally agree with putting a stop to constantly pairing JJ and Morgan, they're far more interesting paired with others instead of each other.

  6. In answer to your comments, we are speaking for ourselves, and nobody else.

    We think, if those actors decided to left the show, us as fans of the show and of them, should be able to respect their decisions, more so when we're convinced we don't know the full set of reasons behind every goodbye.

    This set of threads we're opening this week can be useful for us, the fans, and for the writers too; we can see new things in each of the season 8 episodes, those small things that usually go by missed in first viewing because so much is going on at once, and the writers can get our input in the things that worked, and those that didn't too, and use that knowledge while plotting season 9.

    But one thing they -writers and producers- already know is how a number of fans feel about some of the characters that aren't anymore on the show; repeating it won't add anything new to the discussion, won't help them notice any mistakes in the scripts that they'll deliver for the next season, and certainly won't bring back any of the departed characters because it's the kind of decision that's completely OUT OF THEIR HANDS.

  7. I agree that they need to stop putting JJ and Morgan together so much. Each have had great working relationships with other team members that should be capitalized on.

  8. First of all YAY for season 8! I loved it, and with very few exceptions, thought the writing was stellar. The focus on the TEAM instead of the UnSub for the most part was hella welcome, and I appreciated seeing them delve into their special gifts at work, and their personal lives away from the BAU.

    Agreed with others that say no more JJ and Morgan teaming up. Zero chemistry, stiffness, coldness from both.

    MORE JJ and Spencer please.

    I'd like to see John (Michael Ironside) be the next Section Chief. He obviously was someone high up when Reid knew him from BCC. He'd be perfect. I'll still miss Strauss, tho.

    Keep the forward momentum with Reid. With Blake's addition to the team, they were forced to remember that yes, he is in fact a genius and incredibly useful to the team dynamic, and not someone to be shushed and eyerolled at but instead respected and utilized to the fullest. He's also suffered a horrific personal tragedy, and the Reid we know would channel that experience into even more crime-fighting. Spencer is their ace in the hole, and I fervently hope he won't be shoved into the background again. Which brings me to...

    Hotch. We need him back on top again. He was largely ignored in 8, and we can only guess as to why but we got glimpses along the way of our Alpha team leader and I would LOVE to see him let loose a Hotchalance on some idiot bureaucrat or deserving UnSub.

  9. I`m in. Season 8 has not been one of my favorites and there are not many episodes that I normally would rewatch.

    As a Morgan fan I`d like to see more Morgan/Rossi scenes and more Morgan/Hotch scenes. There was hardly any Morgan/Hotch (except "Restoration")in season 8 although their relationship has been one of the most interesting of the show since season one. I also like to see more JJ/Reid and more JJ/Garcia. JJ and Garcia had some very nice and funny scenes in the past seasons.

    More wishes for season 9. No big name guest stars because they always take over the majority of the screentime in their episodes. The team is the star of the show. I want to see the team profiling and interact with each other.

  10. I'm in also. I liked Season 8 - I thought it was much, much better than the preceding 2 seasons. Wishes for Season 9 - I also want to see less JJ/Morgan, more Hotch, more grown-up and valued Reid, more development for Blake and more casework and profiling. I don't want to see a lot of the personal or back stories of the characters - a line or two about it in the breakroom at Quantico is fine - as they did in earlier seasons. I would rather have suspenseful crimes and profiling. Less soap opera and more criminal minds please.

  11. Anonymous said
    "Erica has said She's opened for Paget to come back"...

    I totally agree with everything you said in your post.
    I really miss Prentiss.She was my favorite female on the show, but I find myself getting highly irritated at these Prentiss fans over there on CM's Facebook. I'm talking about the ones who keep demanding the return of Prentiss and who are determined not to give Jeanne's character a chance.
    They either won't or they're incapable of comprehending the fact that Paget Brewster left on her own this time. It's as if they think that if they yell loud enough and long enough the show will cave in and get rid of Jeanne and bring Paget back.Quite frankly I think their attitude is vastly unfair to both Jeanne and Paget.

    Now there are some people who just can't seem to warm up to Jeanne and want her gone, however they've accepted the fact that Paget left on her own and isn't coming back. So I have no problem with them whatsoever.

  12. i enjoyed CM season 8.i agree with mor Reid and JJ TIMES. i think those two make a great team,now abt Morgan and JJ i think they make a nice team .i mean its not perfect it could have bee better but its not impossible they can work on it .also i believe Hotch should take Straus place .he should be supervising the team but he should keep traveling with the team .It will be great if morgan can take Hotch place again just like in some of the previous seasons.he makes a great leader he has a nice relationship with all of them.Now concerning Paget i uderstand the frustration of her was not fair for her to leave like that so quick.she did not even spent a lot of time in the show and she left.yes we all love her and will be a dream come true to have a back but i believe that we should respect her decision.she may have her own valuable to why she left.yes we do misses her but i believe Jeanne should be given a chance.she is not bad at all.she needs to work closer with the team and get to know and understand them better.she can do great let us give her a chance come on people.its not fair to just throw her out.they just need to focus more on team work and season 9 should be fun.also i want see more Morgan and Garcia.i thing these two are wonderful together.and why not have them will be very interesting to see these two in a relationship.Also more Rossi and Jeanne .i think Rossi will be able to help her find a place better in the team.he show her the way.Rossi has a strong spot on the team and even if he is not leading everybody listen to him.Finally i want say that this is the best show in television.we all love this show so much and we want it to succeed and go far.thanks to all the agents of CM for entertaining us .u guys are wonderful we love u all and cant wait to welcome u back in season 9.please dont break the team no more death and remember more on team work.and CBS DO NO END THIS SHOW .MAKE IT GO ON ON FOR MORE YEARS TO COME.

  13. Two big thumbs down to the idea of Garcia and Morgan dating, even Shemar Moore doesn't think it's a good idea.
    I also feel the Morgan/Garcia banter has at times been a bit over the top. Quite frankly I find myself at times wishing Morgan would tell Garcia to shut the BLEEP up. They need stop writing her as though she were a hormonal teenager pining after him.

    Now I know Morgan and Garcia have a special relationship, but I really want to see them interact with other people. I'd like to see more of the friendship between Garcia and JJ. And then there's Garcia and Reid, one of the things I really liked about the episode "Magnum Opus" was that for the first time in a long time, I felt that Garcia really cared about Reid.

    I want JJ and Morgan together as little as possible bc they have no chemistry whatsoever. The two of them are better when paired off with other people rather than with each other. IMO Alex and Reid have more chemistry than those two.
    I love the big bro/little bro relation between Morgan and Reid. So I want to see more of that. And there are fans who really want to see some Hotch/JJ scenes.

  14. Second more JJ and Hotch scenes!

    They were once close ish, or as close as Hotch can be with one of his team mates right, it's not just me?
    They used to work closely together and have actual conversations about things that were weighing on their mind or giving each other a boost. They did actually keep Prentiss' secret together and they have a connection with being the only parents on the team??

    It feels like they haven't had a scene together since one of the early episodes on season 7 and considering JJ wasn't in much of season 6 it feels like they haven't shared the screen much in three years. But they did used to have more of a friendship, or have I just read into things?

    Urgh I miss my JJ and Hotch scenes. I really want more JJ and Hotch and JJ and Gracia and Hotch And Rossi scenes... I agree with those who want less JJ and MorgAn and Garcia and Morgan, other pairings are more interesting. It's like the writers feel like Morgan and Garcia have to pursued even if none of them want them together and as for all the JJ and Morgan pair ups, it's as though they need Morgan to have a female counterpart, I know he's often paired with the males, but they used to call Prentiss his partner and before Prentiss it was Elle. I'd like to see more Morgan and Rossi or Reid...

  15. JJ is often paired with Morgan as she has taken over the female field agent part from Prentiss. Morgan has always been the team`s number one field agent. And they should have a male and female agent in the field IMO. That JJ has not many scenes with Hotch seems ironically because he has taken over parts of her job while she is in the field like being the liaison with the press and the local law enforcement.

  16. I get it, you are looking for positive, and I agree bringing back people who have voluntarily left is tired, but I also would like to point out that fans, of whom I am one, who have watched since day one, purchased all the cd's, watched and rewatched night after night are expects on the detail, and over the years we have seen that detail being eroded by the writers. It's a little disconcerting to think that you are having difficulty being critiqued for that. Narrowing the future ep's to season 8 follow-ups doesn't help from my point of view. It's also scary to think that writer creativity only reaches that far. Please show me to be wrong here and honor the big picture.

  17. I'd like to see more of JJ & Garcia's friendship, considering their past. I also loved Garcia and Reid, infact there is little that I dislike about Garcia with all of them. Loved some of her past scenes with Hotch, and as for the Morgan/Garcia relationship it has been a staple throughout, and escalating it would never hurt in my opinion.(So what if Shemar Moore is hesitant- he's not the creature of the show, and there are thousands of fan's who would disagree with his position.)

  18. Sorry- missed saying this in my last entry but Hotch needs to stay the leader NO MATTER WHAT! Thomas Gibson is the very best actor of the group, and plays the leader role with wonderful execution. Morgan was OK but we never saw the commanding presence of a Hotch when he filled in. Morgan's excellent command comes in the field utilizing his physicality and bravado.

  19. I know the Garcia/Morgan argument is out there, but for one to say that no one wants them together is so not informed. I don't judge a drama by it's romantic drift, and I'm far from being a shipper, but when one see's and feel's the chemistry it becomes part of the fabric. Being true to the story works and Garcia and Morgan WORK. If you are a fan you've surely seen the multitude of blogs devoted to them. As for Shemar Moore's position, remembers actors do their share of manipulating their roles to fit their image of what they want in their next job and CM is not going to be around much longer. (Perhaps the writers need to find a more objective space to write in).

    I do appreciate some of this past season's work though: Penelope's concern for Reid (true to her as a empath)Opus Magnum, Reid's maturation and less of making him totally "odd", (Penelope and Reid are wonderful characters, with unique qualities), returning Hotch as the prime leader, (badly lacking lately), and emphasizing teamwork as in "Carbon Copy" which balanced their roles very well. I thought there was a little too much Morgan moodiness, and upper handedness, although Restoration did him justice. As for JJ as the badass, doesn't work for me, just too much of a departure from who she was. And Blake - for Pete's sake, give her a chance, I like that she's not trying to be anyone else. After all is said and done, I'll be there in 9, still thinking it's the best show out there.

  20. @Anonymous (post made on June 28, 2013 at 5:10 PM)

    I fear you're mixing the different points we're addressing in this post.

    We are not trying to be positive in the sense that all that's discussed is how-great/how-fun/how-perfect everything is, but in the sense that to get the season 9 we all deserve, our best option is being practical and useful. That means avoiding bad-mounthing/being-mean/insulting, and explaining our thoughts clearly and politely; you can explain why you don't like something without losing your cool, and in turn, your chances of being taken seriously by everybody and having an impact where it matters most will skyrocket.

    The second point is the actors/characters that left. As you rightly say, the theme has been beaten to death during at least a year. Repeating the arguments probably will only accomplish that the people the comments are directed to will stop reading just because they'll be reading repeated arguments that lead to nothing new.

    And last, but not least, we are focusing in season 8 for two reasons: in our opinion, the writing showed a marked improvement over S6, and even S7, so we want to encourage them to keep going in that direction while hoping we help them to reach the quality levels of the early seasons. Our second reason is very, very simple: there's no time to schedule a more far reaching rewatch, the summer break may feel long, and it is, but not that long!.

  21. Thank you for your response to my earlier concerns (June 28 5:10), I appreciate that you care enough to do so. And I hope I'm not being too defensive in just hoping that the story lines show the excellent continuity that was so evident in earlier years, particularly 3,4,& 5. Your points are well taken, and I too appreciate some of the work of last year, as in wheatlandy's comments. Thanks.


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