Monday, June 17, 2013

Criminal Minds Season 9 Scoop: Joe Mantegna to Direct Episode, Teases "More Secrets to be Unveiled"

by Tierney Bricker and Lisa Abdolian

Wednesday, Sept. 25.: Prepare for some backstory!

Criminal Minds
returns for its ninth season on that date, and star Joe Mantegna revealed to us he'll be going behind the camera when the CBS hit procedural returns. "I'm going to direct one next season," Mantegna exclusively told E! News at the 2013 Monte Carlo Television Festival.

We also chatted with the fan favorite about what viewers can expect from the upcoming season, which includes learning more about all of the characters' past and "secrets" and about the series' longevity...

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  1. Wasn't secrets the theme of season 6?

    Not to worry though it would be nice to know more about the characters pasts, especially the women on the team.

    I wonder how they're going to spread the notion of unveiling secrets and pasts amongst the team? I don't think the writers have ever really managed to create a season where everyone has an equal story line or screen time, so I imagine at least one person will have an arc.

    I hope the fact JJ and Hotch shared a big secret in season 6 is referred to at some point, it got glazed over after 7x02 and I miss meaningful JJ/Hotch scenes.

  2. I love learning about the past of the characters especially Reid,but I want it to be in addition to seeing them excel at doing their jobs,the way we did in the earlier seasons, instead of my feeling like the personal back stories have taken the place of it.

    I loved how in the earlier episodes whenever we learned something about a character, it'd fit nicely into the context of the episode as a whole.

    Whether it was something mundane like Hotch collecting coins when he was younger or Reid hating spinach and being scared of the dark(lol the last part probably wasn't mundane to Reid.)

    Or something more dramatic such as Reid's mother was in a mental institution and that he was severly bullied in school and that JJ's sister committed suicide.Or that Hotch may or may not have been a victim of child abuse at one time.
    And on that note I really do wish these writers would make it clear as to whether or not Hotch had been a victim of abuse, instead of leaving many of us to wonder about it for so long


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