Monday, May 20, 2013

"Criminal Minds" beats "American Idol" for 2nd straight week!

According to Nielsen L+3 Day viewing for May 15 [8.22: "#6"], Criminal Minds added +2.07m viewers (12.63m from 10.56m), +0.9 rating points in adults 25-54 (4.3 from 3.4) and +0.8 rating points in adults 18-49 (3.4 from 2.6) from live from same day.

Criminal Minds
moved past "American Idol Wednesday" in L+3 Day rating in adults 18-49 (3.4 vs. 3.3, +3%).  This is the second straight week, Criminal Minds outperformed "Idol" in adults 18-49 with L+3 Day viewing added.  In both weeks, Criminal Minds trailed "American Idol Wednesday" when the live plus same day ratings were released.

NOTE: Remember that the measurement that really counts to appraise how profitable a show is for the network that airs it, is precisely this one, Live + 3 Day.

Source: CBS


  1. This is great news and hopefully it'll increase even more once the live + 7 dvr ratings are released. Of course as pointed out the only ratings that count are the Live + 3 dvr ratings.

    I did read somewhere that starting this fall Nielsen was going to start counting online viewer as part of the ratings.

    I know it can't be the only reason for the decline in Criminal Mind's ratings, but does anybody else feel there might be a correlation between the decision by CBS to let CTV have it a day earlier and the ratings it's getting now.
    Than again I suppose if that did have anything to do with it, CM ratings would've started declining earlier in the season.

  2. I think showing episodes early I Canada is a huge factor, or at least I would have thought it was so. I live in Europe and I get to see it before the episode shows in the states because of it being on in Canada and online beforehand and I imagine many Americans watch it online before it airs on TV.

    I would understand if the show was Canadian that they would show it before but is the only reason it shows early in Canada because it clashes with something else on Wednesday?

    Although its not a huge deal for me, because it means I get to see episodes I want to see early, but you would have thought it damages ratings if people see it online whenever they want because that means you can watch something else at 9 or whatever time it's on.


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