Thursday, April 25, 2013

'Criminal Minds' Season 9: Joe Mantegna 'Very confident' about getting renewal

Joe Mantegna is sure "it isn't a matter of whether" his series "Criminal Minds" will be renewed, but when, and under what terms.

This week, the veteran stage and screen actor is wrapping up filming Season 8 of the typically dark CBS crime drama with night shoots. The two-hour finale that airs Wednesday, May 22, marks a critical showdown with the FBI Behavioral Analysis Unit's enemy known as the Replicator ... but

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  1. In so far Joe's confidence about certain turn of events hadn't failed us so until the word is officially out I'm going to settle for that.

  2. Season 9?? Hmmmm.

    That is a tweet from Joe and I've got to say it has me somewhat concerned.

  3. Yeah, the fact that they are even talking about it is concerning. I hope that they aren't having problems (ABC and CBS) coming to an agreement. I'm pretty sure that neither one wants to foot the bill for much but both want the lion's share of the profits.

    I'm concerned that they may find so many renewals up too daunting and just scrap it.

    Just look how long it took them to renew the contracts of Matthew and Thomas.

    I hope that Joe is right and that they get renewed.

  4. I hope Joe will be in season 9 (If would be season 9)

  5. I see Joe's tweet as a good thing. He's a tease but he always teases in a good or positive light. I don't think he's the type of guy who'd issue a tweet like that if he was suggesting that he doesn't think a 9th season is going to happen.

  6. I'm very upset to the point where I'm almost in tears.One of my online friends said she received a FB post from Shemar and he said that CBS keeps stalling as to whether or not to renew the show.

    I don't know what the hell is going on with CBS.It can't be about the ratings.CM has as good or better ratings than some of the shows that were just renewed.
    So I'm assuming it must be about the contracts,but it's not as if CBS has never had to deal with multiple contracts before.

  7. I think your friend is pulling your leg. I seriously doubt Shemar would share something like that with a fan on Facebook.

  8. I saw it myself.Go check out Shemar's official Facebook.

  9. Shemar tweeted it last night and it is not a secret that there are problems. According to the above interview with Joe, the contracts are up for five cast members, the show runner and all of the writers. And it is a FIRST time that they have to deal with that many people without a contract. Joe also said in the moment there are talks between CBS and ABC about the future of the show.

  10. Okay. I saw it. I still don't think Shemar or Joe would deliberately provoke the fans if they didn't see some good news on the horizon. I still think the show is going to be renewed. We'll see probably next week.

  11. Joe should stay.I love Rossi,I love his sassy behaviors.And he has 5 years with the cast.They can't fire to him

  12. I can't see the network firing any of them again like the way they did with AJ and Rachel but I think someone could go if it were their choice. We don't know how all of the actors feel or how the writers want to progress the show. If anyone leaves at this stage, I would hope it was their own choice, although maybe CbS hasn't learned from their mistakes and will bunk someone off. My guess though is that if someone is killed/leaves in the finale it will be one of the secondary characters like Strauss.

    On the actors side, we know Matthew is signed for 9 th season, JT has an option to return, Shemar sounds like he's on board so does Joe. I can't see Aj or Kirsten choosing to leave, aj has only just come back and kirsten is always so about her role positive so the only viable option is Thomas ( not that I want him to leave he's my fav) but there is the Beth and Sean storyline to give him an exit to New York and TG had a personal issue which could factor in to him leaving as well as his family being in a different state. This is all just speculative and I hope to God that all of them stay on for the next season or three ;) but if anyone were to leave at this stage, TG is the only one I could maybes see choosing to leave...

  13. To the poster above...What "personal issue" did Thomas have that would factor in if he decided to leave. Just curious. Thanks.

    - Stevie

  14. Gibson got a DUI, shemar had one a few seasons ago, so I don't think it will affect his position on the show, it hasn't since it occurred.

    I could understand the separation from his family on a weekly basis could influence a decision to leave the show or reduce screen time but after non years they're all probably used to the time a part.

    I don't think any of the main cast will leave the show now, although it is the best time to go with negotiations happening and the show is time consuming to film but the episodes synopsis are often misleading and a beloved team member fall victim to the replicator, will probably end up being a background character that we've seen a handful of times like Anderson.

  15. *nine years, stupid spell correct!

    I hope we get a renewel announcement soon. I can't see the show being cancelled this year, but it would be nice to know that the cast are all resigned and that if all the writers are coming back too.


  16. I think if any character were to just leave, Rossi would make sense because of the rules of mandatory retirement. He is probably over the current limit now. But that doesn't mean I would want him to go.

    The cast have said multiple times that ALL of the cast want to return. Thomas mentioned wanting to return and direct again next season.

    The problem right now is money. As a show progresses, it gets more expensive. The people renewing their contracts will likely want more money and then CBS and ABC will fight over who has to foot the bill and how much they are willing to pay etc. This is a time where one cast member demanding too much money could hurt other cast members in negotiations because there may be less money to spread around. And those choices are not necessarily up to the cast members themselves, but to their agents. I've been told by people who work in the industry that the cast themselves are rarely involved in the actual negotiations. They just sign the contracts after reading and agreeing to the terms. Now, I'm sure they can tell their agents things they want that they are not willing to cave on and the agents can go to bat for them.

    I am concerned that with all of the decisions to make over money issues plus some of the controversy about CM because of Mandy trashtalking the show and that lying little boy who murdered his father and blamed CM for it.

    Last season I thought the show should have been canceled outright, but this season was an improvement and I hope they renew.


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