Thursday, April 25, 2013

Criminal Minds: Press release for episode 8.22 '#6'


Guest Stars Include D.W. Moffett as Blake’s Husband James, and Erin Cummings as Kidnap Victim Emma Churchill

#6” – The BAU goes to Detroit to track an UnSub with a rapidly changing MO. Also, Blake’s husband returns from overseas with a life-changing career proposition for her, on CRIMINAL MINDS, Wednesday, May 15 (9:00-10:00 PM, ET/PT) on the CBS Television Network. Guest stars include D.W. Moffett as Blake’s husband James and Erin Cummings as kidnapping victim Emma Churchill.

CHEAT TWEET: The BAU heads 2 Motor City 2 track an UnSub & Blake’s husband returns w/a surprise 4 her on #CriminalMinds 5/15, 9pm

Joe Mantegna (David Rossi)
Thomas Gibson (Aaron Hotchner)
Shemar Moore (Derek Morgan)
Matthew Gray Gubler (Dr. Spencer Reid)
A.J. Cook (Jennifer “JJ” Jareau)
Kirsten Vangsness (Penelope Garcia)
Jeanne Tripplehorn (Alex Blake)

Adam J. Harrington (Phillip Connor)
Giovanni Adams (Brendon)
Nathan Davis (Eddie)
Gracemarie Serafina (Elizabeth Garrett)
D.W. Moffett (James Blake)
Allison Lane (Mary Hammond)
Jocelyn Ayanna (Dr. Harriet Jones)
James Moses Black (Detective Ron Keaton)
Matthew Floyd Miller (Dennis Hammond)
Erin Cummings (Emma Churchill)
Bruce Kenny (CEO #1)
Cliff Berens (CEO #2)
Elisabeth Noone (Agatha Connor)
Maggie Lehman (Maya Connor)

WRITTEN BY: Breen Frazier
DIRECTED BY: Karen Gaviola

Source: CBS


  1. Please go. Nothing personal you just have no chemistry with the group.

  2. I would honestly be happy if she took her husband up on his offer. Not a fan of the character at all.

  3. Not so! I think she has had a good first season and fitted in pretty seamlessly. The only character who really needs to go for good is Beth who is such a wrong fit for Hotch I cannot watch any episodes with her in without major cringing!

  4. The Blake character started out with promise and then fell flat. I would not miss her if she was suddenly gone - like I would the rest of the characters. The entire character just seems off somehow, whether through the writing or the way Jean chooses to play her. I just don't get a team vibe from her. If your husband makes sense Blake, go!

  5. she can leave. It is not a problem

  6. When they hired Jeanne Tripplehorne, the intent was for us to miss Paget less but the opposite happened. I miss her more, when Jeanne comes on screen. It makes me want Paget back. Blake is so bland that I often don't even notice she is there. And they are paying her $100K per episode for that?

  7. Blake's character development in so far reminds me of Emily's development in season 2: introduction of the character and showing their strengths; bonding with other characters over something and then they get a personal episode.

    Note that Emily as a character aside from the introduction in 'The Last Word' and 'Lessons Learned' which revealed her strengths didn't get a personal episode until 'Honor Among Thieves'. Sure she bonded with Morgan over Vonnegut and got herself acquainted with Hotch's and Reid's versions of 'you're overstepping the boundaries, back off' but a personal episode didn't happen until much later in the season.

    Blake and JT like Emily and PB in the first place needs more time to win us.

  8. You know that wishing JT off the cast won't bring PB back, don't you?

    Also try to remember that it worked in the first place only because PB contract for seasons 6 & 7 was constructed the way it was, like a leash.

    Yes, we lost her twice and it isn't fair that we lost her in the first place but we have to accept that the second time around was PB own choice.

  9. I like Alex Blake very much and I honestly think the team is more balanced now. Because after coming back in season 7, JJ is getting more and more like Prentiss and Blake is totally different character, so the team dynamics are more interesting and balanced now than two similar characters (JJ and Prentiss) in it.

  10. Why does everyone who doesn't like Jean/Blake have to be someone who wants Paget back!?

    I don't like the Blake character and I wasn't in the least bit bothered by Paget's departure. She wanted to leave and she left. There was way too much of Prentiss in seasons 6 and 7! Coincidentally during those seasons there was also a big drop in Reid being on my screen! LOL.

    Blake seems peripheral to me and totally unnecessary. IMO she doesn't share much chemistry with the cast and the stilted emotionless way she delivers her lines makes me mental. Also, Blake doesn't add anything special to the team. Everything she can do Reid can do equally as well (wasn't it explained that he lectured in her classes???).

    I don't actively want the character gone, but if she decided to leave I wouldn't even blink. I barely notice her when she's on the screen now!

  11. Also, JJ and Prentiss were never similar until new JJ entered the picture in season 7. When that happened I didn't recognize the character from season 5. IMO the show was best when the number of Profilers was limited to 5. Six Profilers seems bloated. And sadly Blake is the extra weight.

  12. IMHO she has interesting chemistry with Reid one that reminds me of the chemistry between Reid and Elle, she respects him (sure she makes a mistake or two in the beginning) but at the same time she isn't afraid to call him on his bs and they work together well. Sure aside of the first 'nice' incident with Garcia they didn't get anything meaningful, her relationship with JJ only recently had improved and her relationship with Morgan is solid but nothing to fall over, Hotch and Rossi are another story, in theory (since we didn't get dates for her) they worked together in the past, maybe not closely and they aren't BFF but you can feel that their paths had crossed and they're comfortable with each other. Sure it isn't Hotch's and Emily's spark of 'someone went over my head and put you on my team without consulting me and you're so curious about things that don't concern you and you have connections that bother me so back off Agent'. That was the chemistry that essentially built the ship. The only, relatively strong inter-reaction like that we got way back in 'The Silencer' between Blake and Morgan over her trust issues thanks to Strauss' throwing her under a bus all these years ago.

  13. I think Jeanne's contract was for two years (as was Matthew's) so that leaves the rest of them up for renewal.

    I don't think they are utilizing the character well enough to warrant as much pay as they are giving, but that is not the fault of the actress.

    I'm actually glad they aren't using her more. I still feel that her skills are superfluous and redundant with Reid in the picture.

    I do think Paget had better chemistry with the cast, but I don't think that Jeanne completely lacks chemistry with all of them.

    I don' feel very attached to Blake and I don't think I would mind too much if she were gone, but I wouldn't want her killed off. Since she is based on a real agent, I don't know if they would kill her off or get rid of her.

    I admit, as much as I like Joe, I think that the show would do fine without Rossi. They barely use him and Rossi is probably at the mandatory retirement age for covered positions. He would either have to retire or take a non-field position in which he couldn't carry a gun (unless he filed an EEO complaint because of legitimate discrimination and got to stay on longer). Even then, I don't think he would get to carry a gun or be a field agent.

  14. I agree with that, they're barely using Rossi and when they use him he doesn't get very long personal archs and technically he should be up for retirement because he's about 57-58. It's not that I don't love the man and his snark but let's get real, at least a little bit and have him complain about brass making designs to send him on permanent retirement.

  15. Jeanne's contract was only 1 year and she don't sign a new one.Also CBS wants a small team for next year (If they're renewal CM for next year) And I don't like Blake she is so affectation in the team and really the one genious is enough.

    I think Jeanne will gone.

  16. ...And Joe Mantegna is confident for season 9 and I think he will be in next season.Blake's chemistry not for this TEAM!

  17. To annonymous,
    'Jeanne's contract was only 1 year and she don't sign a new one.'
    Jeamme contract is a two years one, if CM is renewed she will be back next season, as will MGG.

    'Also CBS wants a small team for next year (If they're renewal CM for next year)'

    Where did you get that from? Have not seen this mentionned anywhere. From what we know, CBS and ABC are in talks with everyone and are in talk with each others about which studio will pay.

  18. Maybe nobody will out...???

  19. All this anti-Blake discussion just makes me laugh. I have been a fan of CM since Day One and I remember well that when Paget joined the cast the exact same thing happened and she was vilified and hated. In fact this week I trawled back to that point in one of the long-running CM blogs and the things written about Paget were as bad if not worse than those here about Jeanne. I think Blake is really starting to find her place in the team. These things, as in real life, rarely happen immediately. I think if people just give her a chance she has the potential to become as much -loved a character as Emily was.

  20. Really Anwar? It case you didn't realize it,this happens to be a blog for discussing the show Criminal Minds.

  21. There was an article somewhere that said JT contract was one year and CBS wanted her to look at new comedies the following year, but I can't for the life of me find it again.

    I like Blake I think, she isn't my favourite and I think JT characterisation of Balke could be a little softer, I don't want to be blubbering every two seconds or making jokes but when she interacts with Reid you can see she has chemistry with him but he's the only character I've seen her really connect with. I wasn't that fussed when Paget left, she wanted to go and you could tell in the end that she didn't necessarily want to be there anymore but I do wish that they didn't add anyone new.

    As for JJ changing, this has been discussed a lot. I don't think she's necessarily changed that much, we still see her talk to victims and comfort others but not as much as we used too, because that was JJs role before becoming a profiler. I think she's become more mature and is more guarded but I think there should have been more of an explanation about why she chose to rejoin the team as a profiler and what happened for her to distance herself more from her caretaker role and become more stoic.

  22. Criminal Minds" eighth season has focused mainly on the villain, 'The Replicator.' The season finale will finally shed some light on the subject. In an article posted April 23, 2013, all of the signs indicate that the BAU will come face-to-face with 'The Replicator.' Fans will finally find out his/her identity.

    The information doesn't come without a price, though. One of the team will end up a victim of 'The Replicator's' scheme. That story line will end as a cliffhanger to be explored in the series ninth season, should CBS choose to renew the series. At press time no announcement has been made regarding a ninth season, although early signs indicate that the series will get the green light for another season.

    Also I heard Jeanne's contract was only 1 year too.I don't know

  23. From
    "Jeanne Tripplehorn is set to join the cast of veteran CBS procedural Criminal Minds as a new regular next season. I hear her deal is for one year with an option for a second."

    I think that means that if the show is renewed she is good to go and she doesn't need a new contract...

  24. "Jeanne Tripplehorn is set to join the cast of veteran CBS procedural Criminal Minds as a new regular next season. I hear her deal is for one year with an option for a second."

    The option doesn't necessarily pertain to Jean's decision but from the network's as well. If they decide not to keep her, she's gone.

  25. This is a standard clause in many contracts and yes this is up to the network to enforce it. If CM is renewed and they want to keep her than she will stay unless she wants out and in that case she or her agent would have to negotiate with CBS/ABC but the network could refuse and she would have to honor her contract ( as I am sure she would as she is a total pro!)

  26. So if CM will renew and CBS/ABC don't want her she can go...

    I think she can go because 8x22 is about this things.And yes her contract is only 1 year.Deadline

  27. Just because 8.22 is about the possibility she may leave don't mean she will. remember that often we had that storyline for Hotch and he is still with the BAU.

    her contract is for 1 year with a second year option so that IS two years if CBS/ABC want her to stay.

    and please people post a name at the end of your post so it would be easier to reply to posts. thank you.

  28. This might come down to financials, and JT has a huge salary vs. AJ's or KV's. I hope they give JT a new show and good money while keeping the Magnificent 6 intact.

  29. JT can leave.This is not necessarily but it's POSSIBLE

  30. I don't necessarily want JT to leave but I don't think she adds much to the show.

    I loved Prentiss in season 2 when she was obviously intelligent but slightly quirky, but then they made her tough as nails spy and I lost interest in the character, but we'll overlook that, whereas Blake is obviously intelligent but other than that there is no other trait to her. I like how she interacts with Reid, you can understand why they get a long but she comes across as very harsh in comparison to the others, there's no softness or even relatablity with her.

    I know some people don't like JJ and I know that Garcia can be OTT but at least they have chemistry with the rest of the team and it's obvious that they all get a long, whereas Blake just seems like a random colleague that wanted to be on the A team but doesn't really care about those around her.

    I do hope that this episode gives us a better understanding of her and allows us to warm up to her, because as much as I have enjoyed the season (way more than the previous two seasons), I don't think Blake has gelled in completely yet, in other words she wouldn't be missed.

  31. I find it funny how new characters work on tv shows that have been running a while and a character recently left. It seems like the reactions are either "that's cool, I hope it's a good character," or "burn her at the stake bring back 'insertnamehere.'" Now I like Blake, I find she is a very capable agent that may be more brazen then other characters.

    Now I would hope people start liking her because when Emily first showed up I didn't really like her at all and then I warmed up to her and found her to be an amazing agent. I can only hope other people do the same for JT. I find people just said as long as she's not Emily I am going to hate her and I find that unfair and still people cloud there judgment because she isn't Emily.

    Also to address the people who don't like her not because of Emily well I would assume it's hard to be a new character put on a show that has been running a while, like with Seaver I thought because fans seemed to dislike her and then the people brought back Emily and JJ, Seaver stood no chance of growing or let people like her.

    Lastly with the whole show getting rid of a character I doubt it would be JT. I hope they won't get rid of one of the characters cause I like them all but with Matt's and Jeanne's contracts for next year well I doubt they would get rid of either character. The rest of the cast well I couldn't tell you for the life of me.


  32. I liked Emily right away, but then I didn't like Elle all that much-- except for some of her interactions with Reid. I didn't like how she interacted with victims and people outside of the team much.
    Prentiss just had this quality to her that made her interesting to me. I think she clicked with the cast very quickly.
    I think its a bit tougher for Jeanne coming in to replace a beloved cast member that the others were highly attached to. It doesn't help that a lot of fans were upset about Prentiss leaving.
    I sort of wish they could bring Elle back just for an episode to see how she's doing.

    One of the reasons I don't expect Jeanne to be cut is because they have to have a quota of female characters on the show now and people will gripe if they cut her, but might not gripe as much about Rossi going.

    Although they could probably keep Rossi on the show in a different capacity. How funny would it be if he became the Section Chief (which is NOT a covered position)?

    I'm still betting that either Strauss or Anderson are going to be the Replicator vicim(s).

  33. I just have a feeling the character that will be a victim is Kevin. In the last episode, Garcia more or less said her good-byes to him and has moved on to a new boyfriend. Kevin certainly fits the "beloved" category more than Strauss or even Agent Anderson. They've already done a death of a "significant other" this season, so I don't think they'll be doing that again quite so soon. I believe this means Beth, Will and Sean are safe.

    As far as Blake goes, I don't dislike her, but I feel they've done a poor job in introducing her into the interpersonal dynamics of the team.


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