Friday, March 22, 2013

CRIMINAL MINDS Season 8 - Huffington Post's "Nine Reasons We Love Criminal Minds"

by Mark Brennan Rosenberg

Don't frown. You know you love Criminal Minds. What started as kind of a rip-off of CSI has turned into one of the most highly rated television shows on CBS... that no one actually admits to watching but me. However, I know you fellow fans are out there because roughly 13 million people watch the show every week.

True, the show is kind of hard to follow at times and it literally took me four years to figure out what an "unsub" was, I love their continued quest to track down every serial killer, rapist and kidnapper that happens to terrorize a different city in American at the same time every Wednesday. So let's cut the crap and all start admitting that we love it. Here are nine reasons to love those crazy kids from the Behavioral Crime Unit.

1. It's Always Warm...

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  1. It's nice to see CM getting some positive press, even if it is humorous.

    Also great to see Mandy being called out, and Seavers presence being questioned!

  2. I like the Alex Blake character,but seriously for him to list Jeanne as one of the reasons we love CM and at the same time exclude Matthew from the list is absolutely ridiculous imo.

    I know the list was all in fun but it still irritated the hell out of me.

  3. Well it's about damn time someone gave the best show on TV some press...I LOVE THIS SHOW and I'm not afraid to say it. As far as some of the comments, I actually liked Seavers even if she was a substitute for AJ. I thought she would make a great pairing with my most favorate of all, Dr Reid. I'll bet Matthew get the most fan mail, except for maybe Shemar

  4. Hilarious! Indeed CM is a guilty pleasure. We love it despite the all-too-frequent DUD episodes by some of the worst writers in Hollywood, dropped story lines, egregious lapses in continuity (Reid is a CalTech alum/no it's MIT...Garcia's an only child/Garcia has brothers...JJ went to U-Pittsburgh/JJ went to Georgetown), CBS playing Russian Roulette with the cast (AJ out/AJ in; Paget out/Paget in)...often truly pitiful guest casting, the diminutive Rossi as Alpha Male, former Marine, founder of the BAU, teacher of everything they know to everyone in law enforcement across North America (yes, Canadians too) goes on and on. But: we still love our BAU team (personally loved it more with Gideon), and we are passionate about our favorite members (for me, Spencer Reid...whose character lurches back and forth from infantile to old soul, has twelve hairdos per season (sometimes 2-3 per episode...or per take) and a wardrobe ranging from dumpster diver to vintage swell...and who is a Luddite not a gadget geek despite PhDs in Math, Engineering and Chemistry...and has only a BA in Psychology...when all he supposedly ever wanted to be was a Profiler). CM offends my intellect on a regular basis, but it has wormed its way into my heart, and I will watch it to the bitter end. Wow...I feel better. Hope I haven't caused too much offense myself...


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