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Criminal Minds Comments Thread for episode 8.17 'The Gathering'

Here you can post comments and talk about tonight's new Criminal Minds episode called 'The Gathering', and written by Kim Harrison.

Enjoy tonight's episode!


  1. Ok without giving too much away...

    Loved the twist. That was unexpected and deeply appreciated.

    Hated the ending. Really, I have the deep desire to slap Hotch. I want to ask him if he remembers the stuff people gave him after Haley and people gave Rossi after Carolyn. You know, it's called compassion. Remember that? Did he bury it all in Emily's fake grave?

    Even though I'm a huge Reid fan I'm almost at the point where I wish MGG hadn't picked up a second year on his contract. Reid sorely needs a different job and better friends.

    - RF

  2. Great episode tonight. Nice twist. I do appreciate the glimpses into the teams lives every now and then, especially the desktop pic on PG's laptop.

    It looks like Reid is entering his "rebellious teen" stage as a profiler. Hotch needs to get on that.

    Speaking of Hotch, he apparently took Rossi shopping. They look very nice.

    I truly enjoy this show-the acting, the writing, production, everything!

  3. I disagree Jacqueline. I think he was trying telling the truth as opposed to lying to see if it would work. If it did he could blame the process, he could blame the collective "we" who created the guidelines they use for that happened to Maeve. Then it wouldn't be any one person's fault, it was everyone's and no one's fault at all. But the truth didn't work any better so now who's fault is it?

    That said, after the ever so fake "grief counseling" Hotch pulled after Emily's death he has no right to say a word about Maeve. None. He lost that the moment he told Reid that he didn't have to say what he thought people wanted to hear, while he was sitting there trying to get them to do exactly that to manage the situation. Between that, JJ not even thinking that Reid might want to use after his friend was murdered, and Morgan claiming that the team couldn't solve the case without Reid just to get Garcia over her owie at being shut out practically that entire team has proven that they can't cope with Reid showing any emotions. They have all but said "put on a happy face, don't tell us anything is wrong". And so none of them, with the exception of Blake and maybe Rossi, have any right to bring Maeve up at all. Period

    /rant Sorry, that ending really annoyed me.

  4. And that last was me. Got too carried away to sign.

    - RF

  5. I previously considered Kim Harrison to be the absolute worst writer on the staff. I was not fond of any of her previous episodes but this one showed improvement. The dialog-- while not perfect-- was improved.

    I found this one entertaining for the most part. As always, I have a few nitpicks.

    For starters, when they are sitting there trying to profile the Replicator it seemed like they were discussing some of this for the first time and its supposedly been a few weeks. Also, they were being sort of dumb with it. Reid making a comment about the Replicator being in two places at once. But duh. He got an accomplice to exsanguinate women in Philly. What makes them think he wouldn't hire or manipulate someone else to either kill OR take pictures of them?

    I still have a pet theory that the private detective hired by Bobby Putman had some involvement. Or if not that detective than at least some detective.

    Did anyone else feel as if Sam was someone that is being put out there as a possible Replicator suspect?

    Interesting that they said the Replicator was using information that was not released to the public. I'm not sure how some of those details-- such as the marionette thing-- would not be leaked somehow. IIRC, that villain survived so some of the info would be public record.

    Something about this episode lacked cohesion. Unlike the last episode, I didn't really feel the togetherness of the team. I know the writer was trying to work something in for every character though.

    I was a bit annoyed with Garcia giving Kevin grief over his being upset that she possibly had a new boyfriend given how she practically had a meltdown when Kevin was going out with Gina. She's the one who broke his heart, not the other way around.

    I felt they spent a bit too much time showing the Garcia/Sam stuff and then some other scenes with the killers because they just had a sudden leap to Garcia finding the guy. It was too fast and too convenient. I would have liked to have had them figure out in a different way. It just seemed too sudden.

    I sort of liked the twist, but also sort of didn't like it. On one hand, I admit that I sort of cheered for the guy for killing the one who stole his stories; on the other hand, it was too contrived. The main guy just didn't work for me. I know they later threw in a line about abuse and how he'd been lied to, but for some reason I felt that was too much of an afterthought.

    There was still no explanation as to why the guy in the end had these urges. I also sort of wish Reid had explained more on just what thoughts/images he was talking about and how he couldn't make them go away. Something like this handled in season 2 when he was talking to Dr. Bryer left the audience wondering about Reid and even had his teammates wondering what was going on in his head. Now I don't really think the writers put that much thought into it and it was just a plot device.

    The guy at the end didn't seem quite as upset anymore just before he killed himself. It was odd. I sort of thought that maybe Reid figured the guy would appreciate the truth (which he apparently did-- but not enough to want to live). Reid didn't seem quite as upset as I'd expected he would be at the end. And, to be honest, Hotch's comment about it being about Maeve just didn't seem right to me. I don't know why. Maybe it was because I didn't feel it was necessary. Like I felt they were trying to be to obvious about saying "Hey, audience, we think you're too dumb to realize this has something to do with Maeve so we're just going to have one of the characters come out and say it and then leave it hanging in a rather awkward manner". So, it was clearly about Maeve. So what? What was the point? Other than as exposition to make sure the audience got it? Maybe if Hotch had said something else after it might have worked better.

  6. Ran out of space so continuing:

    For some reason when they cut from Reid leaving to Kevin in the hallway, I wanted to see Reid bump into Kevin and maybe have them talk to one another. We don't see them interact much, and I think it would be interesting to see the dynamic. Kevin had his heart broken by Garcia and poor Reid never even got to really have anything with Maeve, yet both of them are hurting.

    Did anyone else notice that the cop didn't bat an eye when Blake said something about psychopathology, yet when Reid uses terms like that people look at him as if he's a space alien?

    I really did not like the ending at all. It just felt out of place. I was cringing. I admit I found it funny that Sam lined up her little figurines and such, but the part with the ukelele was not necessary and it wasn't even funny or cute.

    It's a shame the episode had to end on that note because I started out liking it a bit more.

  7. Very honestly, I'm still scratching my head over this one. IMHO, I've enjoyed most of Kim Harrison's writing efforts. I know that makes me in the minority around here. But hey, there's one in every bunch! It was really good with the team profiling. However, I pretty much figured out from the get-go that the guy they were showing was a red herring. I loved the scene where he basically called the discussion group leader out as the unsub. And I knew in an instant what Reid was trying to do at the end and why he was. So the suspense factor in my world really wasn't there for me.

    And while I love Garcia and Kevin and root for them to get back together. But pleassssee; do it or end it. While it was very cute, did we really need it? I'd much rather had the Hotch conversation with Reid about dealing with Maeve's death, rather than that one quick scene in the bullpen. Which, btw, was amazing in getting the point across that Reid is still grieving and Hotch is concerned. I guess that's why my mind is still so unsettled on a final call on this episode. Some really good stuff and some really blahhh stuff. I must say though, Garcia's totally tripped out glammed with glitter ukelele had me smiling! They could have cut just before she started singing though, IMHO.

    And CM's continuity/research problems rose again. I live just across the border from St. Paul in WI. There is no Rosewood suburb. It's Rosedale. Get it right.

    However, I must say this. And before I start, look at my name. While it has nothing to do with Kim's writing, the wardrobe department at CM rocked this episode in my world. I mean, Hotch? In a boldly striped shirt? With that black winter coat? And then with winter FBI jacket?

    I need ice. Lots of ice. Who's got ice? Where's the.........

  8. I thought the episode was good, not one of my favourites but not the worst.

    I can take or leave Garcia, but I think the writers sometimes go over the top with her characterisation and dialogue. There's funny and unique then there's awkward and inappropriate...

    As for Reid, I never really got into the Meave arc, it felt a little like, the writers though MGG wasn't a main focus for one season oh dear we better give him something to do, people want to see him in love but he shouldn't be happy for too long otherwise we wont get to see emotionally damage Reid.. I get that he's grieving and that the talk down wasn't working, but I'm over it, he shouldn't be there if he's comparing every talk down to meaves, get him into grief counselling and be like Hotch, the team could be tactful but call reid out on his behaviour. Hes not a kid, they've all lost someone and they all know what's grief like, they could help and we wouldn't have to witness bratty reid...

    I know people will disagree, but that's my opinion. Saj

  9. Okay straying from talking about the episode but anybody else mad that they never show previews to when a new Criminal Minds episode is on? I mean seriously the next one is going to be in April and I have to look this up and tell my friends when the dates are because the show isn't consistently on every week. Please CBS if you want more views keep it consistent otherwise people will just watch it on a stream.

  10. It's possible they're showing another rerun bc CBS knows CM will be pre-empted in many of it's markets, thus hurting the ratings.

    I'm certain Carbon Copy's ratings were hurt bc CM was pre-empted from it's normal time in many areas and not shown until 2.30 am Thursday morning.
    I'm willing to bet many people had no idea it was moved to that time.
    They probably just figured CM wasn't on at all that week.

    Here are the final Wednesday night ratings for this episode.
    3.0/8(demo) 11.58 million(viewers) After having the last 2 episodes get less than 11 million viewers I am quite happy about this.

  11. CM will be in rerun next week, this is why there was no promo after the episode, then will be back with a new episode. There are lots of reruns/preemption this time of year because of sporting events.

    As for the ratings it was a surprised that after 3 weeks off CM came back this strong. Getting a 3.0 demo after a 2.6 is very good! Only NCIS did better on CBS!

  12. Ok. Next episode is April 3 and then one after is April 10. The eps 23 and 24 air May 22. That leaves 3 episodes in between. So that means there may be some gaps for repeats. Has anyone posted a schedule of when "Alchemy", "Nanny Dearest", and "#6" will air?

    On to the last comment from someone on Reid, how is Reid being a brat? He seemed to think that lying wouldn't work since maybe the guy would realize it was a lie.

    I would also like to point out that Reid only lied to Diane to a point and he was actually telling the truth when she actually was killed. He was being honest when he told Diane that he would give his life for Maeve. I think the writer didn't remember exactly what happened so the lack of continuity was annoying.

    As for Rosewood vs Rosedale, the show has always used somewhat fictional geography. I think earlier on they tried to be a bit more authentic. They went to great lengths to make the subways look right for "Lo-Fi" and "Mayhem" but apparently they didn't care as much when they showed Van Ness metro in "Coda" because it looked nothing like the real one. Other than the signs they didn't even attempt to get it to look remotely like the area.

    So I think that is something that should be expected.

  13. Zannej
    I'm wondering the same thing you are about the reference to Reid being a brat in that one post.
    I think Reid has been doing his job fairly well since he's come back to work after having taken some time off to grieve for Maeve.

    And it's not as if every episode has shown us the affects of Maeve's loss on Reid.
    This was the first episode since episode #13 that dealt with Reid's grief,where they've shown any indication that Maeve's death was still having an affect on Reid.

    And I for one, and I know I'm not alone,want to see more of Reid dealing with the affects of Maeve's loss.As a viewer I always felt somewhat cheated when it came to Hotch dealing with Haley's loss.I wanted to see more of his dealing with his loss than we actually got.

  14. Personally I preferred All that Remains and Carbon Copy, but it was still a good episode.

    Reid isn't a favorite character, and I wish his storyline was different this season, I think it would have been more interesting to see him actually try to figure out a relationship with a woman and be happy, but I agree that it's better to see the Meave grief play out. I also agree that we should have seen Hotch's loss played out more, but there were enough subtle comments and looks for me to feel like haley's death wasn't overlooked.

  15. I do wish they had let the Maeve storyline play out. It would have been interesting to see how he would have reacted if he actually got into a real relationship and things like moving in together and such came up. He's only lived with his mother and possibly college roommates so it would be new and interesting for him. I did want to see him happy.

    I was disappointed that they chose to kill Maeve. I was disappointed that they chose to kill Haley as well. Especially since they really didn't follow through much on the grieving for either of them. It would have been nice if they referenced Hotch having nightmares or something.

    I think things were a bit more subtle in season 5, although that was a rather rocky season because of the writer cuts.

    I do really wish we would get more onscreen stuff with Hotch and Reid talking (but not cutting too much into the episode). Maybe even just having Reid knocking on the door and asking if he can talk to Hotch and then the door closing and Hotch closing the blinds while the team looks on. I admit I would really like to see Hotch give Reid a hug. Or even see Reid leaving Hotch's office with a tissue while drying his eyes and Hotch's eyes are a bit red. I don't need to see them crying or anything-- just some hint that they were sharing their grief.

    I wonder if Garcia tried to rope Reid into going to her grief sessions or whatever her little group was.

    At least this episode didn't have the profilers leaving a bottle of pills with a suspect. :P

  16. Seei couldn't see Hotch being the one to comfort Reid in that way, I could see Hotch talking to him about grief management but not opening up to Reid about his own. I also think Reid would prefer to talk anonymously about his grief and what happened. Even if it's not conscious I bet there is a part of him which doesn't want to open up to the team about his feelings, but where Hoych can handle grief on his own, Reid is more likely to break.

    Maeve's death didn't really impact me nor is Reids emotional turmoil. I think it's because I wasn't invested in the storyline. The writers start off on a good idea, then for emotional kicks they ruin it. Reid could have had a great storyline out of the Maeve arc, a happy ending or support through his mysterious headaches and instead it felt rushed and almost pointless considering we have the replicator thing going on and the connection to Maeve seems strained at best (unless she was involved too, like a pawn to get to Reid, then I'd maybe more interested). But honestly, I'd have rather had the season concentrating solely on the stalker rather than having any main characters partners or love lives featured. I don't mind the odd mention but this season feels like they're trying to cram too much into it. Don't get me wrong, I love this season in comparison to season six, I just wished I had more investment into the storylines going on. I hope everything gets tied together by the finale, I don't even need to know who the replicator is I just need the team to actually have more than two episodes discussing the replicator so it makes them realise how much danger they're in. Right now the replicator is more like the boogeyman than a real danger and I think that's because we've had the Maeve arc, cases which have affected the team personally (Rossi and JJ), love lives drama (Hotch, Garcia and Reid and possibly Blake if her husband shows up), weve had Blake to get used to, Morgan has got his past catching up to him, there's been stand alone cases and random unsubs taking center stage...

  17. I seem to be picking up a commonly expressed theme here of short, unsatisfying arcs and emotional impact on characters. Other shows seem to fit a lot of arcs and story lines seamlessly into 42-44 minutes, but CM is not so successful at that. I fault the writers, who each seem to be being writing their individual versions of the show and its characters, with little to no regard for continuity. The showmakers should scrutinize the scripts more closely to prevent this. Overall, there is less emphasis on the team's emotional reactions to their personal tragedies and to the cases and victims (starting with Garcia's cringe-worthy presentations at the round table). I agreed that Season 8 is MUCH better than S-6 or S-7, and I see a continued upward progression in the quality of episodes in general. This last ep left me a little cold, with an interesting plot line but dull execution (esp. the uninteresting and unconvincing Unsub #2), but overall there is much more to love and much less to complain about than in the previous two seasons. Onward and upward, CM!

  18. Loved the entire episode. I know some people have problems with the ending but I don't understand why. A suspect died because Reid made an error in judgement. He went against the norm and tried something not supported in their profession and a man killed himself. What if he Unsub had also killed the victim much like Diane killed Maeve during her suicide? I suspect Reid might be undergoing more than questioning by Hotch if that happened.

    Hotch is Reid's superior. He had to let Reid know that he was aware of the problem and understands what he's going through while still being professional. The last time Hotch let Reid figure things out on his own was after Hankel and we all know how that turned out. Reid suffered a terrible loss but he isn't a child. Hotch does not exist to coddle him in this instance but to be his boss. He opened up a line of conversation with Reid and instead of talking to Hotch Reid decided on silence.

    I personally think this is a great development for Reid. It's not happiness and rainbows but it's interesting and actually makes viewers want to see what's next for the character. Where he goes now and what actions he takes are anyone's guess. Reid has had one heck of a year. Last season I didn't think this would be possible but I'm eating my words. Bravo Criminal Minds!


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