Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Criminal Minds Scoop for upcoming episode, SPOILER!

Will we get more details about Rossi and Strauss' relationship on Criminal Minds?  — Heather

ADAM: Yup. Following Strauss' return in last Wednesday's episode, you can expect a few offhand comments about... to read more go to TVGuide


  1. What the eyes have seen the mind cannot unsee....

  2. Ugh.. Nooo. what is that phrase in some of the Memes?

    Strossi or Rauss or whatever they want to call it... It should never have happened. Too much like a soap opera. Plus it is completely inappropriate given their respective jobs. Strauss could be fired. Additionally, that stage in her alcohol recovery is not the right time for her to be having trysts.

    I reiterate-- soap opera. ugh.

    I really don't care about the Strauss character. She was a good antagonist but they treat her like a main character. In season 7 they referred to her as one of the team in an episode synopsis. And on the DVDs they had "Seven Stories" and they had ones for Hotch, Rossi, JJ, Prentiss, Garcia, Morgan, and Strauss.

    When a bit character overshadows a main character, something is not right.

    But its more about the fact that I just don't find her interesting enough-- especially not as a protagonist.

  3. They never said anything actually happened between them. He could be part of her support system for her recovery.

  4. They have implied that they are hooking up when they talk about it in the chats.

    I would be very happy if it turned out that nothing was really going on and that Rossi was just offering support-- but they never really seemed to be friends before so it wouldn't make sense. But then again, something not making sense has never stopped these writers. :P

  5. I swear I'll go ballistic if Rossi and Strauss start calling each other pet names.

    Strauss was a much more interesting character when she was more or less a thorn in Hotchner's side.

    Zannej,I know what you mean about how last season she was treated more like a main character than Reid was.
    And than to add insult to injury they make her one of the 7 feature stories and Reid isn't even mentioned.

    I know Matthew had his fireside chat,but to me that doesn't make up for the fact that Reid himself was pretty much ignored when they were making this dvd.

    To me it's a perfect analogy of how his character was treated last season.

  6. This silly storyline with Strauss and Rossi is another example of 1- Messer having no clue about the past history of the characters she's writing; and 2- how this once-great show is being turned into a soap opera be having romance being featured more prominently in the episodes than the actual crimes the show is about preventing. Enough already! Quit running the show into the ground with all these ludicrous, divergent, unnecessary romance plotlines.

  7. I could not agree more! Soap opera was the first thing that jumped into my mind as well. Ugh! A romantic Strauss-Rossi relationship is a nauseating prospect, and the last kind of storyline that I watch CM to see. I really hope EM reads these posts. Please...kill this terrible idea and bury it where it will never again see the light of day!

    We seem to be having a few story re-treads too: Kevin being jealous of Garcia (even with their relationship in a stall); a crime rooted in social networking (as pointed out previously, "The Internet is forever.")

    CM had recently seemed to be on an upward trend in terms of quality of story and focus on the BAU team members...pls don't let it go off the rails again! It will be too painful to watch the viewership continue to dwindle at the rate it has recently. Wake up, Erica!


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