Friday, March 8, 2013

CRIMINAL MINDS: The Replicator's Game. Part I

Waiting isn't the most exciting thing to do, but wait we must until the next new Criminal Minds episode airs!

What has many of the fans excited and curious and guessing and... - have I mentioned excited? -, is the identity of season long unsub, The Replicator.

With that in mind, we, the knights of the Criminal Minds Round Table, want to invite you to play a little game to pass the waiting time; easy, with just a few rules, and our wish to entertain all.

  1. Write in this post comments who do you think "The Replicator" is. Only one name per comment, but you can comment as many times as names come to your mind.
  2. With each name, list all the reasons that make you think you have got it right.
  3. If you post as an Anonymous, please sign with a name or nick your post/s.
  4. Do NOT reply to other posts; this is a game, not a debate, everybody is entitled to their opinion, and nobody is more right than the rest... except the writers.
Remember this is Part I of the game. Next Wednesday, Part II will be explained.

Have fun, put your neurones to work and spread the word!


  1. oh fun game! let's see....It is Frank.

    why? We never saw and it was never mention that he was dead, He would want revenge on the BAU for losing jane and would have wait all this time so he could heal after his encounter with a train!

  2. Ooh I agree good idea!

    I think the replicator is...(probably someone we haven't see before but for the sake of the game) Anderson

    He's been a background character for a long time and even though he's an FbI agent, he could have motive for going after the team. With being in the background he could easily gain access to the team and overhear their personal conversations, Hotch was pretty hard on him several times and he could feel overlooked and take revenge on the team for the lack of attention. He would have access to all of the BAUs previous cases and would know how to commit crimes. We don't know much about his life story, so he could have the funds to operate the stalking without getting his hands dirty or have a troubled past like several members of the team. He could be pissed that he's been overlooked for a position on the main team (he was there before Prentiss, Seaver and Blake) and nobody knows his first name! (which is supposed to be revealed at some point... Perhaps when they reveal he's the replicator) That's my input. Beth

  3. I think its Agent Anderson!

    He works in the BAU giving him access to case files and knows the team. He's always had a desk job instead of being out in the field. He must feel ignored, underminded, etc! Gerard

  4. ELLE... she knows about the BAU, she could be communicating with Anderson or Reid or Garcia who might be unwillingly giving even more clues about the team. She can travel from NY to DC (4 hrs drive).

    Also, she knows about Sean and could have befriended him in NY and now she could be the one framing him in 8x23, thus, forcing Hotch to come to NY. She might believe she was unfairly treated after the incident in 2x5 and holding grudges against them and Gideon.

    Elle, Elle, Elle... Does anyone know what is Lola G's agenda? Could she have a slot with no work in the next month?

  5. Marcus Talbot, professor of photography at 6x22 - Out Of The Light. The episode shows your files on the missing girls. He is organized, manipulative, egocentric and left unpunished for their crimes. You may be taking revenge for not having been able to teach more and thus gain the confidence of more young victims. (Sorry for the bad English, the Portuguese is my first language.)

  6. I think it could be Kevin.
    He has access to the case files and matches the physical type of the guy we kinda saw in 8x16. It also strikes me as odd that this guy seems to have approached a lot of the team members on different occasions, but has only taken something from MORGAN (the glass in ep. 8x09), and writers have guaranteed that glass is not just a souvenir. So whatever strike the Replicator is planning on the team could lay heavilly on Baby Boy - why MORGAN, of all people?
    It also occurred to me that until this point of the story The Replicator has spared Garcia of any personal approach - apart from being pictured together with the team, Garcia was the one not sent flowers, called at, videotaped, or photo-planted on a oorpse. Nothing was taken from her either - and the Replicator went right beside her to take Morgan's glass but alas - did his best not to raise her attention.
    Just like Anderson, what do we really know of Kevin when he is not being Garcia's adorable geek BF? His relationship with Garcia never included his family, his place, his possessions or whatever activities he did on his own. Garcia said herself in ep 7x17 that she liked she had her space and Kevin had his, so there ARE things Garcia never really cared knowing about Kevin or that, as a computer expert, he could've hidden from anyone who was not REALLY looking. Also, since they were broken up we can't really know what he's been doing and wait... didn't the stalking started just AFTER the breakup happened?
    Anyway, I think Kevin could feel rejected not only by Garcia but by the team as a whole, who never really made an effort to include him like they did JJ's Will, for instance. Besides, it'd be both a SHOCK and one hell of a twist to have Kevin turn into the bad guy. Nicholas Brendon would be perfect to play this duality and is an actor with enough visibility to be deemed that role.
    Of course it all depends on what happens in Kevin's next appearance on 8x17. Will he and Garcia reunite? Well he isn't my only option anyway, LOL

  7. I think it could be "the Fox". Foyett befriended him in prison and he helped Foyet so I think in turn Foyet left him plans of the prison and Fox escaped! Now he is getting revenge for himself and Foyett against the BAU!

  8. My very first gut reaction to The Replicator was the same as Ms. Clemente's: Marcus Talbot. But having some time to now think about it, I believe it could be Stephen Gideon, Jason's son. He could blame the BAU from keeping him from his father, which has given him a very long time to let his rage build and boil. And maybe, after Gideon left the BAU, he blames the BAU even more.

    And to CMRT: most excellent idea!!

  9. I think the replicator is GIdeon. Reason 1: the phrase "zugzwang" it would mean more to Reid because he was always playing chess with Gideon. During the last episode His pawn was someone from his old cases, which he would be easily manipulated.. JJ even mentioned the person would have to be extremely good a manipulating someone.. I just keep getting the vibe that it's him. Plus we never knew much about Gideon when he was on the show.. maybe he finally snapped.

  10. Maybe it's Hotch's brother Sean. It sure would make for good drama.

  11. Reid (I know it isn't going to be)

    He really is schizophrenic with split personalities and doesn't realise it. His other personality wants to hurt real Reid and so is replicating old cases and doing everything he can to hurt everyone Reid is close to. He has secret funds from his past Vegas life as a card counter and is hiring people he met during his drug addict days to carry out the stalking of the team. Sal

  12. I said the same thing that it could be Gideon ,but have other unsubs do all the killin. I hope not and be someone else. I got a feelin that it is goin to be someone that we least expect.

  13. I think it might be ELLE.

  14. I think a lot of people have said at one time or another that Will would be a great UnSub, don't know if it's the accent, the beard or shifty eyes but he could end up being a creepy, psycho stalker if he put his mind to it.

    He could be mad at the BAU for taking JJ away all of the time and decided to go after her team mates to get them away from her. He could have sent her flowers to send them off his trail. He has law enforcement training and access. He could potentially have funds with both of his parents being deceased and we don't really know that much about him either. The writers could have thrown us of his scent after last years happy ending and he kept going out of town last season so JJ had to get a babysitter, there's always the chance he's getting a babysitter while he's out stalkering or paying off other people to do the stalkering. He'd know the teams schedules with being married to JJ and could get access to her work at home without her knowing. Plus did i mention the shifty eyes?????

  15. I'm going to brainstorm here and first rule people out in my mind.

    Hmm.. well, they have said that it won't be someone we have seen already but that there might be a link.
    They also said that it won't be anyone the team knows closely because they would be able to spot something wrong.

    It's not anyone who has access to the actual case files because there were details of the crimes that were missing. The victim was not sedated before having his leg amputated. The eyelidless victims were not pointed at anything important. They basically were using details that would be released to the press but nothing showing intimate knowledge of the cases.

    It's not someone recognizable if the person was sitting in Blake's class or able to take the glass from the embassy function-- unless those were minions.

    The hands on the guy taking the photographs at the baseball park looked young and the guy had brown hair. The guy at the end of "Carbon Copy" had rougher/older looking hands.

    Whoever it is has a lot of free time and access to money to be able to travel freely. They are not opposed to stealing credit cards. The person is persuasive and can get other people to do bidding for him/her.

    The photographer at the ballpark may have just been someone hired by the Replicator. Of course, the guy at the end of "Carbon Copy" could also have been a hired killer. But the problem with all of the hired people is that they could talk. Maybe the guy taking photographs was the private detective hired by Bobby Putnam and that would explain why he knew that Maeve would be at the restaurant when the reservations were in Reid's name.

    I'm just going to make a silly guess (one that I'm sure is not right). They've implied that its a male so I'm going to go with the husband of Reid's thieving neighbor, Mrs. Cavanaugh.

    My guess: Mr. Cavanaugh. :P

  16. There are a BUNCH of good ideas here!

    Here is another suspect to add to the list!
    If anyone can think back to season 2 episode 8 "Empty Planet", at the end of the episode, one of the swat guys accidentally shoots the professor.
    After, Morgan gave him a look for taking a reckless shot that hurt the innocent.

    I know it is very random but why not. Swat member have to have some profiling training and that shot must have gotten him into a lot of trouble and ruined his career.

    And I think it is safe to say that the Replicator is going to frame Morgan in some way or do something bad with his DNA since he told his wine glass. Maybe that is why Morgan is going to get the worst of it, because of that look he gave him after he took the bad shot.

  17. I definitely think the whole arc will have more impact if it is someone we are quite familiar with. To have it be some random dude will be a COMPLETE letdown. With no audience connection whatsoever to the Replicator, all impact will be lost. Just saying. So, for my guess, I will say KEVIN. even though I see no reason for it to be him. It's just I hate that he's there to blow up the ship between Morgan and Garcia. Yeah, I get the fact that it's only a small part of the fandom that wants them together (me and probably several others but I still realize that's a small number relatively) and that romance is the big taboo (yeah right--what about Rossi/Strauss, Hotch/Beth, Reid/Maeve Blake/UNKNOWN GUY), but seriously, Kevin serves no good purpose IMHO. He has been proven to be inferior to Garcia as a TA and he annoys all the other team members. It should be Kevin, even though there's no way he profiles as that psychopathic. But my bitterness at him WILL NOT END unless he is gone. And this seems like the best opportunity.

  18. Aww I like Kevin!

    I think the stalker could be the person Blake and Strauss wrongly imprisoned (or at least I think they wrongly imprisoned him, can't remember that far back).

    It would fit in with Donny bid wells false arrest and it would explain why the stalker only started stalking the team when Blake joined. (I would prefer it if the unsub was linked to the team as a whole (maybes an array of unsubs plotting together with one ring leader) because as much as I like Blake, it's too soon to have central focus on her character when there are other characters who have had little focus.


  19. Well I see a lot of interesting ideas for the Replicator. I seriously have no clue who it could be.
    It could be Anderson, a quiet, desk jockey who doesn't see action and gets no recogization for any work. Plus we hardly see him and he got skipped over several times to be a member of the main team in the BAU.

    It could be Kevin, Garcia's ex-boyfriend who never really seemed to fit in with the rest of the team and was only really there to have a relationship with Garcia and who we now hardly ever see.

    It could be Strauss the total bi*** who hardly anybody likes and even though it looks like she's trying to make amends to the team for being an alcoholic schemer who early on wanted to ruin Hotch's team (remember she wanted Prentiss to break up the team)

    I seriously couldn't tell you, even the members of the BAU team could be the killer. Just to throw everybody off. Though if I am honest it could be any of the unsubs that were caught or got away. It would just be a shock to see if any of these criminals would do such a big thing to get back at the BAU. So I'm just going to go with a unsub we would remember from a past episode on the show. Probably in the beginning seasons of the show that made a big impact.

  20. I think it is Sam. Garcia is always falling for the bad guy and this won't be an exception.


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