Tuesday, February 26, 2013

CRIMINAL MINDS. Episode 8.16: "Carbon Copy". SNEAK PEEK


  1. Comments were deleted as one was a big time spoiler for tomorrow episode. Please everyone who get to see the episode in Canada 24 hours before everyone in the USA, DO not spoil it for everyone else. And no, posting a warning is not good enough as people can still see what the comment is all about.

    Another post was removed as it was totally offensive to another commenter. Reminder, DO not make personal attack on someone or calling people names. Only thing that will accomplished is for your comment to be deleted.

    Keep things civil and friendly.

    CMRT admin

  2. I wonder if the "I checked Wendy and her Bloomers" line was intentional. I immediately thought of bloomers being a term for underwear and couldn't help but chuckle.

    Looks interesting. I didn't even realize it was Wednesday already. Wow. Time flies.

  3. I just want to let the fans know that CM will not be on at it's normal time in some of the CBS affiliates.

    Where I live in North Carolina they're showing college basketball instead of CM.They've moved CM to around 2:30 Thursday morning.

    Not surprisingly the CBS affiliates where this is taking place couldn't even bothered to inform the fans about the change in CM's schedule.

    So I wonder how many people are going to think CM is not even on this week bc they don't realize it's just been moved to a different time.

    I found out by scrolling thru their program menu on my tv,but not everyone is going to think of doing that,so again some people are going to think the show isn't even on.
    And even if they know,that may not be a convenient time for some people. I've no doubt this is probably going to affect the ratings.

  4. To Anonymous,

    We have twitted the information about CM not being shown in NC to our followers and will post a notice on our blog.

    No doubt it will affect the ratings unfortunately but if people watched within three days and do not skip ads then ratings will be fine

    Thanks for letting us know!

  5. Your welcome CMRT

    And thank you for informing the fans on your twitter and blog about it.

  6. CMRT I just want to assure you that my information is accurate.I would've responded to that one person on your twitter who called my information a bunch of bs,except I'm not on twitter.

    Now I don't know what prompted that response from this person,it's possible where they live,CM is not being preempted.
    But for me and a significant amount of other viewers who happen to live in NC,CM is being preempted from it's regular time by a basketball game.
    And is instead being shown Thursday morning around 2:30am

  7. To Anonymous,

    The person was just complaining that CM will not be on. In any case better just set the DVR so every situations are covered and no one will miss a VERY good episode!


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