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Criminal Minds minor SPOILER

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source: EW

Criminal Minds scoop, PLEASE!! — Kelly

OK!! Episode 20, which will be the second directed by star Matthew Gray Gubler this season, will be “something unlike you’ve ever seen,” he says Not enough? “Female unsub is all I’ll say.”


  1. I hope it will be good. The last few epodes have sucked this seasonn. No offense to Erica Messer fans but she sank this show faster then the Titanic.

  2. I think Erica Messer is in over her head. I don't know what really went on, but I sort of suspect the show just sort of got dropped on her shoulders when the rest of the executive producers started jumping overboard like rats fleeing a sinking ship. In truth, things started to go downhill in season 5 after the best writers were fired for refusing to take pay cuts.

    I really get the feeling that its amateur hour sometimes and I don't harbor any ill will toward Messer as a person, but I think that the show could have done so much better with someone who knew what they were doing at the helm. Her inexperience is not helping-- although I do think she is trying.

    I hope Gubler was joking about a female unsub. We've already had too many of them this past season. It's either teams/multiple unsubs or female unsubs or both (with only a few single male unsubs in between).

  3. zannej, The executive producers that left WERE the writers who got cut.

    For me the slide happened with the season 5 finale and went on until mid season 7; then CM was back. Season 8 is very good, not as good as season 3 to mid season 5 but I really like it.

    As for Erica Messer's work, like any new person at a new job she did make some mistakes, corrected some but generally, she is learning to be a showrunner. No one is born as one, they all grow into the job. zannej, I don't know if getting a new, experienced showrunner would have been good either. Usually when someone new gets in they try to 'fix' things. New showrunner would have tried to put his/her stamp on CM and if you got someone like say Neal Baer from Law & Order fame, I am sure he would have wanted CM to feel like one of his shows instead of keeping the CM flavor. At least Erica Messer been on CM since the start. Did she try to put her stamp as a showrunner on CM? Yes, the show that was about a group of FBI agents who catched serial killers by profiling them was switched to a show about the serial killers and what they do. The profiling took a back seat, the team became accessories to be used sparingly. This was my biggest problem with CM s6 and part of s7. This season the writers have made corrections, I don't feel that the team is an afterthought in the writers mind.

    Here I will say something almost taboo in the CM fandom but... what the heck it is my opinion!: another mistake that Erica Messer did was to put the focus on characters that were good in small doses; I love Garcia, having one episode per season focusing on her is good, but having her suddently being in the middle of a hostage negotiation, strapped on the kevlar vest and getting inside the unsub's house to try to talk him down was ridiculous. Worse, to have JJ and Morgan let her get inside that house was totally stupid and even worse was Hotch not telling any of them how stupid they were, makes Hotch look like an incompetant boss (episode I'm talking about his "Hope"). Garcia should remain a secondary character and should always be in support of the team in the limits of her job qualification. She is not qualified to be a hostage negotiator and with Rossi, who was Hotch's teacher, and Hotch who did co-write a book on hostage negotiation (See "Children of the Dark") should have been the ones doing the negotiation. Another irritation and still is, the focus on Morgan. Sure have episodes that have Morgan as the focus, but should he act as the boss? Unless I am mistaken, Hotch went back to be Unit Chief after he came back from the the 34 days off he took after Haley died. Why was Morgan acting as if he was still Unit Chief? On this the writers have made changes and we no longer wonder who is the Unit Chief at the BAU, Hotchner is. This season we have a very interesting story with the season long unsub. Now if only CM would again write for Hotch the FBI agent this CM fan would be, again, totally happy with her favorite TV show :)

    (end part 1)

  4. (part 2)

    Another change was the focus on the blood, gore and violence and no problem with showing it. Prior to S6 CM mostly would suggest more than would show or we would be shown the aftermath of what the unsubs did, s6 changed that. Episodes like "The Thirteenth Step" was in my opinion one of the worse episodes as it was only about the violence and the unsubs. Profiling was to a minimal and some of the characters did stupid things, like Hotch surrendering the phone (and the control) of the situation to the unsub that was in the gas station demanding to talk to the agent who just killed his girlfriend. Hotch was so stupid that he even did let Morgan walk into the gas station to try to talk to the unsub knowing full well the man had no longer any reason to live and would go out gun blazzing! Only reason I can think why Hotch did this was maybe he secretly wanted Morgan dead... JK!!! ;)

    Thankfully, things have changed, the writers or Erica Messer have listen to fans' complains and we have few episodes where the focus is only on the unsubs. The team is again an important part of the story. Focus have shifted to more intriguing character (Reid). Is CM as good as in season 3-4 and up to mid season 5? No but it still has lots to offer. Last season we had very good episodes especially with the final "Hit/Run".


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