Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Criminal Minds TVGuide MegaBuzz SPOILER

by Adam Bryant and Natalie Abrams

Now that JJ's not going undercover anymore on Criminal Minds, what will she be doing? — Nancy

ADAM: JJ will have "a lot of emotional stuff" coming up involving her family, executive producer Erica Messer tells us, but don't worry — to read more TvGuide


  1. So unhappy that they dropped the undercover storyline! I was looking so forward to it especially with Thomas Gibson directing itl O well.

  2. I was looking forward to it too, I hope we at least get some JJ/Hotch interaction in this episode, I miss their closeness since since seasn 6, Erica seems to have forgotten about their special connection she talked about at the beginning of last season!

    All I want is a conversation like North Mammon, birthright or Risky business, even though we didn't hear what they said in Lauren it showed that they were on cahoots...

  3. I'm happy they dropped the undercover storyline. It's ridiculous to think that any legitimate agency would send the "face of the BAU" and a woman who worked for the state department undercover no matter the circumstances.

  4. I just want the writers to give JJ A good storyline. Something where she is in trouble or taken much like Reid in 'Revelations" AJ is such a good actress and the show needs something exciting to happen. It is becoming very predictable. The unsubs are becoming weirder and the team practically has the same role every week. Reid rattles off something super intelligent, Morgan pouts or kicks in a door, Hotch has three lines, JJ consoles a family member etc...getting old..


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