Monday, November 19, 2012

Criminal Minds small SPOILER for upcoming episodes

by Matt Webb Mitovich

Criminal Minds: The matter of this season’s big bad — a serial killer replicating the MOs of captured unsubs — will soon be revisited. And considering how collectively smart the BAU team is, ...To read more go to TVLine


  1. I do like that they're concentrating on developing JJ's character and I like that shes got more action stuff to do, but I do wish they had managed to tie her new persona in with her media liaisib role, even if they had somehow promoted JJ and added some profiling duties, as though that was her job while she was away at the DOD rather than making her a full blown profiler, or at least made JJ a profiler with media analysis as a speciality or something to that effect.

    That being said, I can't wait to see the TG directed episode and I hope we see some JJ in peril action as well as JJ kicking butt. I think JJ was overlooked a bit in Season 7 with Paget leaving, even though she had a lot to do concerning Henry and Will, I think JJ's absence was kinda just ignored.

  2. Wow how opinions vary. I felt that JJ was one of only two characters, Morgan being the other, who was NOT overlooked in season 7. She even had the two hour season finale built around her character. Overlooked? Um, in my opinion, no.


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