Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Criminal Minds Review "The Pact"

“The Pact”

Despite the fact that it took me three times trying to watch this episode before I made it through it, there were some things I really enjoyed about it. 

“The Pact” is about two female unsubs, who meet in an online support group for people who have lost family members. They decide to kill the people responsible for the deaths of their loved ones, but they swap their targets so as to not be connected. However, when Ellen tortures and kills her target, she learns that there were other people involved in the rape and murder of Darlene’s daughter, Kelly. Even though Darlene doesn’t want to continue the torture and killing of those responsible, Ellen insists that it is justice – “an eye for an eye” and the spree continues. After Kelly’s body has been found and the last participant is dead, the women flee to Mexico. Rossi tracks them down, but Darlene gets away.

What I loved about the ep was the team interaction. The few Reid moments with him spewing facts. The interaction between Garcia and Rossi at the beginning of the show. JJ with the father of the little boy who was killed. Great scene. Even though I’m not the world’s biggest Hotch fan, the more I watch him, the more I appreciate him. I love to hear him say “Wheel’s up…”!
What I don’t love is the new character addition to the show. I am trying to reserve judgment, but the Blake character just doesn’t seem to fit. To me, the role seems forced. I like Jeanne Tripplehorn, I’m just not sure I like her on CM. Hopefully the writing of a new character will settle in soon and it will seem more natural.

It wasn’t one of my favourite eps, but it wasn’t one of the worst either. I’m not sure if it was the writing, the directing or both, but it didn’t grab me and suck me in like I want CM to do. Hopefully we will have one of those nail biting, lip chewing, sitting on the edge of your seat episodes again soon!


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