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CRIMINAL MINDS Season 8 - 803. Through the Looking Glass - Comments Thread

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  1. I actually really enjoyed this episode. They brought Blake's character some humor and shows she can get along with members of the team. *cough cough* Reid. Anyway though the mother of the family being held hostage was a complete idiot I thought it was a great episode. Also the little side plot with Hotch and Beth really wasn't anything to special, her leaving just means she won't be in many episodes, its not like she a major character. Anyway I hope people still give Blake a chance even though A LOT of people are still demanding Paget back even though that is really unlikely.

  2. This was an absolute classic CM episode and the reason I love this show so much. Great team work and they all got to shine. The unsub was crazy and unknown until the end. We got to see Jack (and how much he's grown. WOW!). So all in all, for me this one gets a 10!! Great job by Sharon!

  3. I thought the beginning was a little slow but it picked up as it went along. At first, the case itself didn't seem like the usual type for the BAU.

  4. I really liked this episode.No it wasn't perfect,but it still felt like classic CM to me.I am starting to warm up to Blake.I loved the scenes between her and Reid.

    I miss the Emily Prentiss character.She was my favorite female character.
    I find Garcia annoying at times and JJ, her very presence has become a source of irritation for me.

    But the fact is the Paget left on her own accord this time,so now come somebody please help me understand as to why so many of these posters on CM's facebook see unable to comprehend that fact.

  5. Most people started complaining about criminal minds in season 6, because aj and paget left. In my opinion the writing was still pretty good. The cases were pretty believable.. However in season 7 the writing went downhill fast. I didnt even like episode one because it just seemed way too melodramatic. The only episodes I liked were 7.09 and 7.18. The plots all seemed far too unrealistic. Season 1-6 never seemed that way. There was also the fact that it was so unsub centered. It seemed like there was a lot of unnessecary violence, I got kind of sick of it. The season finale was probably the worst for me, the whole thing seemed like a show that would be on the CW network. I was hoping that things would be better in season 8, and initially they were. I actually liked episode 1, sure it was nothing compared to earlier seasons, but it was kind of interesting. The fact that the serial killer sewed peoples mouths shut seemed a bit unrealistic, as most of the serial killers I've heard about dont do that kind of thing. The part at the end, with the season long unsub seemed really dumb to me, I don't think it's very likely that a serial killer would go after an FBI team. But you never know. I liked the pact a lot better, some of it was a little weird but overall i liked it. Through the looking glass seemed pretty improbable. I didn't really like it. The types of cases that are featured on the show now are just not types of cases that happen in real life. Some of the stuff from earlier stretched reality a little, but not as much as now. I don't mind Jeanne tripplehorns character very much. But I don't like JJ as a profiler, I liked her WAY better when she was a liaison. She still had plenty of camera time, and her job was an important aspect of the show. I don't know why they would change that. I'm just hoping that the writing picks up soon.

  6. I didn't mind the episode, I dont love Beth but I don't dislike her either and there were parts of this episode where I just zoned out but I did enjoy the episode.

    As for making JJ a profiler, I think if they incorporated her role as media liaison or bringing whatever she did with the DOD, then she could've had a unique perspective as a profiler rAther than just making her (and everyone else now, because didn't Morgan have a speciality at some point) a generic profiler. There's only really Reid and mostly Blake that have specialities now and I thinks the team itself would be more interesting if there were clearer roles or even just clearer identities between them all.

    On other problem with the show now is all the fluff, I like seeing the agents personal lives but I think they chose the wrong things to show or make it too similar to the actors rather than the characters


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