Wednesday, August 1, 2012

San Antonio Story: Thomas Gibson

Thomas Gibson

SA Story: Splitting his time between LA and SA, the longtime TV star and all-the-time family man is more likely to be seen on the sidelines of a youth soccer game at Fort Sam Houston than courtside for the Lakers.


Aaron Hotchner doesn't have much to smile about. After all, the FBI agent's life is brimming with violence and woe; sick, twisted serial killers, a murdered wife and an unrelenting, pressure-filled job have left poor Hotch a grim soul indeed. Fortunately, the stern and serious Hotchner is just a character on the long-running CBS drama Criminal Minds. For seven seasons, he has been portrayed by Thomas Gibson, a decidedly more upbeat guy, family man and San Antonio resident.

Gibson concedes that his character can be a bit morose but is quick to defend him.

“In almost every moment that we see him, he hears the clock ticking,” Gibson says of Agent Hotchner, who leads a profiling unit specializing in catching killers before they can strike again. “The stakes are high for him, and he doesn't take his eye off the ball—a focus that's detrimental to other parts of his life.

“Last season there was an opportunity to see a softer side. It's nice that the writers have had the time to fully define and flesh out the characters and allow us as actors to explore those different dimensions.”

In contrast, Gibson has been able to maintain a nice balance between work and family, thanks in part to... To Read More: San Antonio Magazine

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