Friday, August 3, 2012

Criminal Minds: Entertainment Weekly, four teasers for Season 8 SPOILER

by Sandra Gonzalez

Can’t wait for the premiere of Criminal Minds? I cornered Erika Messer at the wildly fun CBS/CW/Showtime party at TCA recently to get the scoopy scoop on the upcoming season 8.

1. Jeanne Tripplehorn joins the team. You know this. What you may not know? Her rocky history with to read more EW


  1. I don't consider these "spoilers" about behind the scenes. So Blake and Strauss do not get along. Maybe Rossi can step in and defend his secret love.

  2. We put the SPOILER warning because for some people even mentioning title for upcoming episodes is a spoiler. Better be safe than sorry :)

  3. making the new character dislike her is just a way to make the fans accept her more, since we always cheer when someone stands up to Strauss .... thats my guess. We'll see how that strategy works out.


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