Saturday, August 11, 2012

EW: Find out what's next in the Spoiler Room

I need to know more about Reid's love interest on Criminal Minds! PLEASE! — Corinne

You seem as eager to see this as I am. So here's something to hold you over, straight from CM's exec producer Erica Messer: “It's an opportunity to have a relationship like none other on television. It's very... To Read More:


  1. That's so great to hear that EM is letting MGG choose how this love story should start out and also choosing to cast his future love interest. It should be an interesting love story but I hope there would be a TWIST to the relationship. Morgan is going to be so happy for Reid....maybe.

  2. I know maybe I'm a pessimist, but I am still worried about this given the current showrunners and writers. Having Matthew's input could be a good thing, but it could also be a bad thing since he is not actually a writer. I'm sure he will do what he thinks is best, but he has eclectic tastes and I don't know how that will translate on screen. I'm hoping this will be good.

    I wonder what they meant by "old fashioned".

    I don't want any soap opera twists and I hope it isn't an ill-fated romance.

    I am sort of wondering if part of the reason she (Messer) is mentioning his (Gubler) involvement is to try to get fans to soften up. It's no secret that some fans don't like to criticize anything he does. It was a smart move to have him direct "Lauren" because some of the fans didn't feel as hostile toward it just because he directed it. Obviously not all fans are like that. I also wonder if it is so that part of the onus will be put on him if the story ends up not working out or being reviled by the fans.

    I do hope it works out and that whatever woman they cast for the part is more articulate than Amber Heard. She's gorgeous but she mumbled so much that I literally needed subtitles to understand some of what she was saying.

    Crossing my fingers and hoping the writers learned from their mistakes the past few seasons.

  3. I have stated several times in other comments. that I love the character of Dr. Reid THE WAY HE IS AND HAS BEEN!! Adding more love interest to the show starts to make it feel like I am watching a soap thank you... leave Dr. Reid the way he is....awkward.shy.nerdy.geeky.beautiful brown eyed.quirky man! Nerdy &Geeky to the highest power!!

  4. I have always believed the character is so much more than nerdy and geeky. Much of the character's awkwardness comes from a lack of socialization in his early years but this is an indepentent and self reliant person with a brave heart and a sweet soul. This is a gentle and kind person with empathy for victims and in some cases for unsubs. I think the old fashioned comment fits the personality of the character. If you have noticed Reid is a very well mannered individual who shows respect to everyone, even when the courtesy is not returned. (By the way, Matthew directed the Lauren episode becarse they asked Paget how she wanted her exit to be handled and she said the only thing she wanted was for Matthew to direct the episode.

  5. let's be honest. matthew doesn't have any choice in the matter, and he's making the best he can out of an excruciatingly awkward situation.

    why in the world is erica messer so damned ixated on adding all kinds of romance to criminal minds? this is not a show about romance! this is a show about an elite unit of intelligent special agents who track serial killers. this show is not about how fast messer can hook up hotch and beth, or unhook kevin and garcia, or rehook rossi and strauss, or tease morgan/garcia shippers about will they or won't they hook up. can we just stop hooking up the entire effing cast and concentrate on the cases?

    does everyone in the criminal minds universe have to have a partner before she is going to concentrate on the actual show premise?

  6. should be "fixated on adding" - sorry for typo

  7. Soooo adorable!!! <3 Oh yeah and the puppy is pretty cute too ;)

  8. To the person up there who said "Matthew is not actually a writer" that's technically true but keep in mind he's directed many different pieces such as "Claude: A Symphony of Horror", "Dead or Retarded", "The Cactus that Looked Just Like a Man", several music videos, documentaries on himself, as well as about three Criminal Minds episodes so I believe he's qualified enough to direct one more. He's done well enough in the past and this isn't the first time he's been used as a source of input in the creation of the show.

  9. I am for Reid getting a love interest! I just hope its written well and hope the woman playing his love interest plays her part well! Rachel Bilson or somebody like that with an innocent look would do great! Emphasis on Rachel Bilson. Also I hope the storylines with the criminals get better.

  10. I am also all for Reid getting a love interest, I always like it when we get to see more of Reid and when the show is more centered around him. Hopefully having more attention on Reid in the show will help them finish the story line they began in "Corazon" so we finally get a close on Reid's headaches.


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