Wednesday, August 8, 2012

'Criminal Minds' exec: 'Paget Brewster return would be fantastic

by Morgan Jeffery

Criminal Minds exec Erica Messer has admitted it would be "fantastic" if Paget Brewster returned to the show.

Brewster quit her role as Emily Prentiss in February and will be replaced by new regular Jeanne Tripplehorn, playing FBI agent Alex Blake.

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  1. I really hope Emily comes back! I love her on CM!

  2. I really think it is time to stop all this. I loved the Emily character but the last 2 seasons have been about people coming and going and therefore the episodes dealing with this have dominated the show. I wish CBS had never done what they did but it is time to move on. Now we have to introduce a new character, Erica uses Strauss and Garcia more than ever before and now there is talk of Emily returning on occasion. Last season was JJ dominated. I think it is time to see more of Reid, Rossi, Hotch (beyond the boyfriend and daddy role) and Morgan (beyond being Garcia's friend and crush). The male characters were lucky enough not to be involved in the shabby treatment the women received but I think it is time to be a team again and allow some story arcs that revolve around the male characters. CG

  3. No offense to JT and as a fan of CM, I will give myself a chance to hopefully like the character but I miss PB a lot. I hope she comes back during Network Sweeps month (November). Or sooner than that.

  4. I think it would be great if Paget came back a bit in the show, but I wish they would stop making statements like this. Unless it is a sure thing I don't think its fair to mess with fans like that.

    I love the show and Paget/Prentiss character was the main reason I watched, but the last season was quite a let down for me as a fan. I think Messer saying Prentiss will be "mentioned" in episodes is to get the fans who are turning away because Paget left to watch for these said mentions.

  5. Like Chris, I really hope the return of Paget Brewster aka Emily Prentiss, I missed her a lot in S6!
    I didn't forget that I began to watch Criminal Minds "because of" her and I took the decision to stop watching right the moment I heard she was leaving.
    CBS really screwed up with the actress in june 2010 and never apologized for its actions. Even if I regret her decision, I can understand & support it. And then, let's be honest, the quality of the show deterioted since the S5 to become a true soap opera thanks to Erica Messer! :-(
    In september, I will follow L&O: SVU's premiere instead of Criminal Minds because I'm pretty sure that she will rock in these double episodes. And who knows, SVU's producers will offer to her an extended contract...

    For me Thomas Gibson, Paget Brewster and MGG are the only good actors in Criminal Minds. I mean, they are the most complete in performing exercice. Now that Paget left and Gibson/Gubler are almost invisible, why will I keep watching?!


  6. Totally agree with CG, time to focus on the male characters in season 8! I want Stories involving the guys! How about writing some awesome interrogation scenes for Hotch?

    Ghislaine...agreed on the Gibson/Gubler being invisible, tired of this, hope things will change in season 8.

    Despite being a Paget fan, I will watch Criminal Minds on Sept 26 because CM is still my # 1 show and I watch because of Thomas Gibson!


  7. All this talk about Prentiss returning when not even one episode of season 8 has even aired is REALLY annoying (as is all this talk about who will/might at a parallel universe/is dating who, which never mattered before season 7).

    Paget chose to leave. Power to her, I'm sure she'll do great in whatever she chooses to do next!

    But CM was not The Paget Show, it's an ensemble with 6 more equally strong actors and compelling characters and if the producers manage to find their footing with their stories once again and they do right with Jeanne's character the show will be just fine.


  8. CM is not just one character/actor...I agree it is time to let Prentiss go. The ensemble has never suffered due to changes, she left to accept new challenges and it is time to move on. I, too, would like to see more of a focus on the crime/solution, rather than personal situations that seem to run the train off the track.

  9. I love Paget and will be watching SVU season premiere on September 26th.

    I still like CM a lot but it has been just too disappointing for the past two seasons. I just don't see CM getting back to its original roots where the profiling and crime solving were perfectly balanced with the team interaction... Nevertheless I am glad it's still going strong!

  10. I hope to see PB on the 200th and series finale. Any other appearances will be more than welcome.

    The thing with the Prentiss character is that it was developed in a way that was integral to the other characters that neither Gideon or Elle could relate so well to all of the team.

    Emily is: JJ and Penelope's sister, Reid's mom, Morgan's female equal, Rossi's daughter and Hotch's friend who is not intimated by his rank (and for some his soulmate). When you have a chartacter than can speak to any of the others without reserve and is universally respected is hard to repeat this interactions.

    Have not seen Jeanne's work but I will accept her if she is made her own character and understanding she has to gain a place within the family.

    With or without PB this show needs to focus on profiling and regain its sometimes angsty tone... the cases take toll on the agents and the personal interactions should be as reactions of the personal experience from the cases.

  11. Prentiss was JJ’s, Garcia’s, Morgan’s, Reid’s and Rossi's friend and colleague and Hotch's subordinate... there was never anything particular friendly in their interactions, just good professional rapport, let alone an indication that they were soulmates, but that’s beside the point...

    Paget wanted to leave and do something else. Let’s leave the woman alone to have a chance to recover from CM and have the time to do something different and fresh, like comedy that she love’s so much.
    And let’s give CM a chance to recover from the nasty reactions that resulted from a perceived threat to a “ship” that was never even hinted on screen, as well as the horrible Doyle saga that plagued seasons 6 and 7 in various degrees and unfortunately were all related to the Prentiss character.

    Maybe some time (long, long time) down the road she could do a guest appearance but right now it’s definitely not needed and it wouldn’t help the show or Jeanne’s chance to be intergraded into the team.


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