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Criminal Minds TVGuide Scoop

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Got any Criminal Minds scoop? — James

ADAM: Remember JJ's first fight scene last year? Get ready for...

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  1. Am I the only one who wonders when we're going to get nice girl, mother figure JJ back? I don't like ninja-street-fighter JJ. She is angry and nasty all the time, acting like a tiny man with Napoleon syndrome, like Joe Pesci.

  2. i liked more when she wasn't a profiler. i think they could have done a lot with her character when she was the communications liaison but on the other hand maybe we get to see how she became this bad-ass profiler some day.

  3. I agree with both comments. She was a kind but tough Mom and liaison. Why is a profiler a "promotion" anyway? She was so good at doing what she did!!I want the old JJ back! Love the show anyway! Will miss Emily BIG TIME!

  4. I hate jj as a profiler, she seems to be a totally new person. I liked her better as the liasion with less lines.

  5. Agreed - her strength was her compassion and soft approach, much needed to settle some of the testosterone and compulsion to violence. Enough bad asses in CM. This insistence on changing the casts personalities is not doing CM any favors. (Some examples: Garcia made to look silly and manic (outside her attire), Reid another manic, Derek- dark and dole, Hotch - a non-leader. Please where are those people that so made CM a great show.

  6. “…angry and nasty all the time, acting like a tiny man with Napoleon syndrome, like Joe Pesci” ???… Are we even watching the same show??? In which episodes she was angry and nasty???

    Profiler JJ was as compassionate and kind as liaison JJ - check episodes "From Childhood's Hour", "There's No Place Like Home", "Self-Fulfilling Prophecy", "A Thin Line", "Foundation" to name a few, where she is interviewing family members with the same sweetness and softness as ever.
    But apart from kind and compassionate and a mother figure, JJ ALWAYS was feisty and slightly irreverent and strong and determined when the situation needed it and that aspect may have come more into focus with her role as a profiler.

    So really, in season 7 JJ was just the same character doing a slightly different job and one or two fight scenes per season do not negate the essence of the character.

    Bring on season 8 and more power to JJ!

  7. ITA about the new and not so improved JJ.MESSer has ruined this character for me,but then again she has pretty much ruined the whole show.
    Which is why Erica MESSer has become known as CM's show ruiner among some in the fandom.

    What really pisses me off was MESSer's reasoning for making JJ a profiler She claimed that fans were having a hard time with JJ going out on the field with the team bc she wasn't a profiler.
    I'm sorry, but I can't believe that the majority of CM's fan didn't understand that JJ was qualified to travel with the team bc she was an experienced FBI agent licensed to carry a weapon.

    Meanwhile these so called fans don't seem to have a problem with Garcia,who is only a FBI computer tech,being treated as if she were an FBI agent.I'm sick of seeing Garcia in kevlar.I don't care what the excuse is.She is not an agent and I'm fed up with this show treating her like one.As a matter of fact the first time they ever put Garcia in kevlar they also wanted to put a gun in her hand.Thank goodness KV herself had enough sense to veto that idiotic idea of theirs.

    Anyways I'm not buying MESSer's excuse.I am convinced if she had been able to keep Seaver,JJ would have gone back to being media liasion.
    And Seaver would be this superwoman/profiler,able to kick the ass of unsubs twice her size and of course out profile the seasoned profilers.


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