Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Criminal Minds: Thomas Gibson will direct an Episode!

by Sandra Gonzalez

Huge treat for Criminal Minds fans: EW has learned star Thomas Gibson will soon be stepping behind the camera for an episode in the show upcoming eighth season.

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  1. This is great! I'm sooo happy for Thomas. I know the episode will be good because RD is a very good writer. I hope Thomas will direct more episodes per season like Matthew is doing.

  2. Wonderful news! Can't wait! Thomas you'll do great!

  3. Great! TG directing a Rick Dunkle episode with Hotch brother coming back, just excellent news! Wish Season 8 would start tonight!


  4. OMG my fangirl heart. TG directing and Sean being back. If Jack is in the ep as well, I'll have the Hotch trifecta!! I need more heart meds. :D

  5. Congrats Thomas!!! I am so happy to hear you are finally going to direct an episode. I cannot wait to see it, I know it will be fantastic!!!!!


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