Monday, August 27, 2012

CRIMINAL MINDS Season 8 - 801. The Silencer - Promo Pictures


  1. Definitely an Erica episode. Large pictures of Morgan, Garcia and JJ. No picture of Rossi, only one small picture of Reid in a group shot and 2 pictures of Hotch in a scene with others. It may seem like a small thing but it is consistant with her that she rarely writes for Hotch, Reid and Rossi. I only hope the pictures do not represent the episode I really would like to see more of Reid, Rossi and Hotch this year GG

  2. I would agree with you the one picture that i cant stand is the Morgan and Garica photo i am glad that Blake is standing behind her 2hopefully about 2 put her in her palce cause at the end she ask's Blake ''can they start again''cause she is saying to the team and morgan ''who is this agent that i am now/us working'' with now Erica said that in an interview .cause once again she is the whiner of the show talking about someone esle and Morgan is i asumme is laughing with her about her so this is a Erica epsiode the only person that i only like in this show anymore is REID and only REID and i am so looking forward to finding who they have cast as his girlfriend and 2see the whole storyline unfold MATTHEW says at the Fan expo that she will be around for a few episode's so lets see.i only hope this first epsiode is noT the page for the rest of season like you said.I am looking forward 2 see Blake and Reid together. Kate.

  3. @GG there is a picture of Rossi. Rossi, Reid and Garcia are in one picture. Morgan is in three pictures and Hotch is in four and not in two. JJ is in six pictures and Blake in nine. Does not really sound like a Morgan and Garcia overload to me.

    @Kate Where the Morgan and Garcia photo that you can`t stand? I can`t find it.

    I want to see more Morgan, Rossi and Hotch and I want to get to know Blake.

    By the way. The photos are not chosen by Erica Messer ;)They are the official CBS promo pics for the season premiere:)


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