Sunday, August 26, 2012

A.J Cook and Matthew Gray Gubler Video at Fan Expo Canada


  1. I was at FanExpo yesterday, was turned away from the Q&A since it was at capacity, and was the next one in line when CTV closed the autographs. It was awful, and I'm still devestated. So thank you so much for posting this.

  2. My daughter & I were in the 2nd & 3rd row for the Q&A. Neither of us got the CTV autograph ticket, got the plain one. Tried not to be sad & still had hope. On the way down to the autograph session, my daughter realized she probably left her ticket in the room upstairs. She went back, no ticket. She found me again & lined up for a possible autograph. Even though we were together & wearing GUBEFACE 2012 T-shirts. I don't think they would have let us both in missing 1 ticket. (She was too shy to go in by herself) Amazingly, some kids came by giving away their tickets! They cut off the line close behind us. We met them! We gave Matthew a Beleive In Magic bracelet. (Its a charity in the UK, similar to our Make A Wish Foundation) We also gave him a bag of cashews cuz we know he loves them. BEST DAY EVER!!!


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