Monday, April 2, 2012

Criminal Minds: Scary stories a cold reality


The number of serial killers running amok on United States crime shows can seem a little far-fetched from our relatively quiet New Zealand shores.

But it's a different story on the other side of the world.

In the same week The Dominion Post visited the Los Angeles home of Criminal Minds, the chilling TV One drama about a team of profilers investigating violent crimes, the police were warning the public about a real serial killer on the loose in Orange County. The suspect had already murdered four people and was expected to strike again.

"Unfortunately, it's not that far from the truth," says Criminal Minds star Thomas Gibson, who plays Hotch, of the sometimes thin line between fact and fiction on the show, which is set inside the FBI's Behavioral Analysis Unit.

"There was a statistic that Matthew [Gray Gubler's] character [Reid] came up with that at any given moment they think there are dozens and dozens [of serial killers] operating in the US alone."

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  1. I read on the news last January that some charity groups are handing out whistles and torches to people as a means to protect themselves against this Serial Killer. I hope the investigations bear fruit and reveal the true identity of this criminal. As long as the Killer's out there, the streets of Orange County aren’t safe.


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