Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Criminal Minds More Behind The Scene Pictures for the Season 7 Finale SPOILER

Criminal Minds Star Paget Brewster and Criminal Minds Writer Rick Dunkel.

Actor Sebastian Roché who play Clyde Easter.

Jayne Atkinson who play Section Chief Erin Strauss

pictures @CM_Setreport


  1. Okay, clearly Clyde Easter has something to do with Prentiss leaving. But, what? Her going back to work for him is the most obvious answer, but it doesn't fit with what she told Hotch in Unknown Subject about one of the reasons she came back to the BAU. About not having to screw someone over to make a case. I mean, even with her leaving the BAU, I can't imagine her feelings about working for the CIA would change. So now I'm curious.

  2. Maybe Emily becomes a liaision from BAU to Scotland Yard or some other agency. Remember Clyde is not CIA, he was part of JFT-12 from his homeland (maybe MI6). Saaaad to see Paget go, hopeful she will make some effort to return at sometime during the series run.

  3. Clyde was definitely with the British Intelligence MI6 or MI5. Emily going back, I highly doubt wouldn't make any sense to me. She didn't trusted him. And if I remember correctly, he made a deal with Hotch (break your oath or take one) and afterwards he "hit the road" right before they rescued Emily from Doyle. Doyle miraculous got away from a building surounded by Police/SWAT. I always thought it could have to do with Clyde (knew the rescue plan) giving him a ride, Doyle means money from all over the world. But maybe I'm worng.

  4. I don't think the writers really take into consideration what statements they have the characters make. I agree with the anonymous above. Emily didn't trust Clyde before it all went down, what would make her trust him now?
    Who knows maybe their relationship has another layer that we have not seen and will be revealed. I just hope the Paget/Prentiss exit does justice to her character and not how the season has misused an amazing actress, or missed out on a gold mine of a story line.

  5. I completely agree with the comment above. This season has been the worst for Paget IMO. She was barely present in many of the episodes except the ones that focused on her. I mean she barely held a gun, was barely present at crime scenes, was always at the back seat of the car, got shot, didn't get to kick butt, looked so sad and broken all the time etc... Her best seasons were season 4 and 5 and the entire Doyle arc of season 6, IMO. This season, as the above comment said, has misused her and I feel extra terrible because this season happens to be her last... Oh well I guess I can always watch reruns.

  6. I think she wants to live in a house in a cul-de-sac with a little boy who used to worship her?

  7. I think this article is quite nice in terms of explaining how the final episode will approach Emily's exit. I am sorry I don't know how to post links or contact CMRT admis. SO I am just sharing the link here.



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