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Review 'I Love You, Tommy Brown'

I Love You, Tommy Brown

I think my favourite part of this episode was the opening scene with the teenage couple. With the narration and the music, it was kind of misleading and I thought something was going to happen to one or both of them, not her parents.

I also really enjoyed the interaction between Kevin and Morgan, although this sort of thing would normally annoy me, in this case it didn’t. It is an important event and insight into one of the main team members, but I didn’t feel that too much of the ep was spent on it.

I am so over knowing who the UNSUB is from before the opening credits roll. That seems to be the theme this season and I am just tired of it. There is no suspense or mystery left for those of us watching every week. The scene with the team working together to come up with a profile in the plane was great.

Even though we see bits and pieces of the team profiling at scenes, etc., I almost felt as if they were absent from the ep. The UNSUB doesn’t seem as interested in getting her baby back as she does getting her child lover back – and the best way to achieve that is to get the baby back. The woman, Maggie, is just seriously sick and has her priorities all out of order. And is Tommy really naïve enough to believe all of her lies? Yes, she is very manipulative, but can he honestly not think for himself? Hopefully he is enlightened at the end when she calls Tommy by the wrong name.

I’m sorry, but the only parts of the ep that really worked for me were the interaction between Morgan, Garcia and Kevin. And I can’t believe I just wrote that. Please bring back the action, mystery and suspense. CM just isn’t the same as it used to be for me and I really miss that. What do you think?



  1. This episode was like watching a bad movie on Lifetime channel.
    The part with the unsub wouldn't have been so bad were it not for the melodramatic voice over narration. That just took me right out of the episode and made me gag.

    The line about "This is a gun.." made me laugh. The motivations seemed a bit off to me.

    Profiling was extremely weak. They didn't even check first to see what child the families were taking care of prior to being killed? I didn't quite get why she would kill the people for no longer having the baby.

    The chubby girl who forced her way into the house because she heard the baby was stupid. First of all, she was being incredibly rude. Secondly, she announced that she was going to call the cops in front of someone who just got out of prison. *sigh*

    The woman with the dress that was stolen had the opportunity to strike and try to knock the gun away, but didn't take it.

    The team assumed the unsub was a woman because of the pillows? That is the second time recently where they assumed someone was a woman because they thought they were trying to be less messy-- and in the past they have had male unsubs who wanted to keep things clean. Look at the guy in "52 Pickup" who made the victims clean up their own blood! Oh, and when she shot the woman from whom she stole the dress, she would have gotten splattered with blood.

    I just felt the team was slow and we didn't get to see the full process because they were too busy showing us the unsub.

    The Garcia/Kevin/Morgan thing was annoying. I didn't mind that Kevin was nervous or that he wanted to marry Garcia. I did mind that rather than just telling Kevin he was busy right up front or saying he didn't want to get involved, Morgan was walking away making faces and then after Kevin had been tailing him, he told him he had to get to the meeting. Garcia calling Morgan like 67 times about a personal matter was stupid. Morgan should have just answered and said "Talk about it AFTER the case". But he kept ignoring her calls which was really unprofessional because it could have been something about the case and been important.

    There were some filming inconsistencies. One moment Kevin was sweating and the next he was dry. When Garcia mentioned the sweating he was actually dry. It was distracting. Then Garcia's whining and suddenly being afraid to get married thing.Ugh.. I'm so over this crap.

    I really feel that they should fire Janine Barrois. She has consistently written my least favorite episodes and refuses to accept any critiques of her writing. In the chats she gets defensive and rude.

    Maybe she would be good for writing for Lifetime network, but her style, dialog, and choices do not work for CM.

    I'm so glad Foundation came along to redeem the show briefly.

  2. zannej, I have to disagree with you about this part of your post ..." But he kept ignoring her calls which was really unprofessional because it could have been something about the case and been important."...

    The director of the episode made very clear that Garcia`s calls were not case related. The camera stayed for what seemed like a minute on Morgan`s phone to show the viewers that Garcia called from her mobile and not her work phone.


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