Wednesday, March 21, 2012

'Criminal Minds' Paget Brewster on leaving: 'I'm probably in denial'

By Jay Bobbin

Paget Brewster is doing her best not to think about her imminent exit from "Criminal Minds." Again.

With several weeks of filming left on the seventh season of the CBS mystery series, which airs a new episode tonight (Wednesday, March 21), the actress is in her last rounds as FBI Behavioral Analysis Unit Agent Emily Prentiss. It's a spot she knows only too well, having been written out of the show during the sixth year... but this time, her departure is on her own terms.

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  1. I wish her the best! This is the best cast on TV and like their characters they show professionalism, respect and integrity above everything. Hope to see her in CM's 200th episode.

  2. I'm trying to go for realistic expectations. I'd love it if she made an appearance in the series finale, whenever that is. Since she said she wouldn't mind making an appearance.

  3. why is she in denial this was her choice?

  4. I think she is in denial because even though it was her choice to leave, it will not be easy when the time comes and probably she doesn't want to think about her very last scene where she says goodby to her character and her coworkers/friends. I am very very sad that she choose to leave... I am going to miss her so much and for me the show won't be same after she leaves...

  5. I left a job I loved after 8 yrs b/c it was just time for something new. It happens. Love, love, love Paget & I'm excited for her to explore other projects. When I read ppl's posts about her departure I understood - we all adore Prentiss. But my jaw dropped open & the blood in my heart caught fire when I read a couple of bitter-awful, selfish (even cursing) posts. What is wrong with ppl?! A little perspective please... Dayam #realpeoplearemoreimportantthanfictionalcharacters

  6. ...Those posters = a few "bad apples" #mean #egocentric #notworthanyonesemotions. Also... CBS did not comprehend or appreciate the magnitude of Paget's sparkle, and then they offered nothing in recompense for their hurtful misstep. #peoplearenotproperty#evenwhentheysignacontracts

  7. JMEgrl and TXgal. I totally agree with both of you.. those unmentionable folks need to get real. I am equally disappointed she's leaving, definitely my favorite character, it will be hard to watch the show. People make choices in their life and what guarantee would she have even under contract after what happened to her last year. If you have a choice to do your own thing and fulfill your obligations I don't see the problem. She has expressed her gratitute to the fans and loves the cast and crew, she's not burning any bridges here. I know from my own experience you don't realize how much you have been a part of others lives until you move away and move on to greater things, but its not without sacrifice and heartache. Thats why I believe she will be very emotional when its all done and she seems to be realizing that now. We all make tough but necessary choices and its part of life.

  8. ReflectionsInHoustonMarch 22, 2012 at 11:16 PM

    Agreed. ...Paget is not a creep and should not have been made to feel that way by any posters. She's a doll. I'm sure leaving CM after so long will be an adjustment, but at least she can continue to see her CM pals socially. And, indubitably, she will shine in whatever she does next.

  9. Paget, don't listen to them at all. You're an amazing person, both funny and compassionate. I usually have incredible disdain for people in Hollywood, but you (and your CM castmates) are definitely exceptions. Though I will miss you on the show as the amazing Emily Prentiss, I am excited to see you in comedy. I'm glad you're open to guest starring, and I'm hoping the writers can incorporate you into an episode.
    You made the choice that was right for you, and that is what is important. People are just spiteful. Losing a TV character does not warrant insulting the actress. It's ridiculous. Ignore them.
    I don't know if you'll ever read this... I just wanted to put it out there that you have yet another supporter. I look forward to seeing you in another show (and maybe back at CM for a bit!)


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