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Criminal Minds Season 7 Finale SPOILER

By By William Keck, TV GUIDE

Spoiler alert! Rather than stage a funeral to explain the upcoming exit of Paget Brewster's Emily - just a year after she faked her death - CBS' Criminal Minds has decided to end the season with....
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  1. are you kidding me

  2. I like that, it's a good news. I really hoped they wouldn't kill off Prentiss a 'second' time so I'm glad about her exit storyline not involving a tragic event. And I agree with Erica Messer, it would have been repetitive.

    About the wedding, I'm happy too. I'm not sure if it'll be JJ or Garcia. I know that at some point Garcia will be afraid because she thinks Kevin is going to propose to her, but we don't know if he really will. And if Garcia is afraid about a potential wedding proposition, maybe it means she isn't ready to get married. Then again, she could also realize that she does want to get married in the end...
    About JJ and Will, well they had trouble at home, but I would love to see them working things out and getting married, I'm rooting for them.

    No matter who is getting married (JJ/Will or Garcia/Kevin), I don't want to see either couple breaking up.

  3. Wait. Messer really thinks Paget would want to come back again? Give me a break.

  4. I am so happy that they are not killing Emily off. Yes probably Paget wouldn't want to come back but she might not be able to find her dream job and at some point she might want to consider the option of returning. Plus I think it would be great to see her as a guest star in a series finale if not more. She should be there when CM says goodbye one day, IMO. I am very happy that they leave the door open for her. You never know!

  5. I'm glad that Emily's not going to be killed off and leave it open for her to return if she wants to. Not likely that she will given the way Messer wrote little about her and the way she's been treated the past two years. I hope Paget will be the bigger person and come back.

    And really Beth again? Are you freaking kidding me? She's the worst idea that CM has in the past two years and that includes the firing of the two leading ladies.

    Seriously CMs get your crap together and lose Beth. Beth episodes equal low ratings, that should tell you something right there.

  6. I don't want to see anymore of Bellamy Young or the Beth/Hotch story. Isn't this show suppose to be about serial killers and crime? So unless Hotch's new girlfriend turns out to be some sort of unsub it's repetitive.

    I'm happy for Paget and will support her in anything she does, and I do hope she comes back as a special guest star especially for whenever the show gets canceled but really shouldn't the last few episodes be focused on her and the case of the week and not about Hotch's love life? Right?

  7. I like Beth, I think the upcoming wedding might be the reason of her next appearance. She'll probably be with Hotch at the wedding. Since he's dating her it makes sense for him to invite Beth to the wedding. I don't think she'll have an important role or anything.

    From the chats held at the Criminal Set Report, Prentiss will have another centric episode soon.

    I think the actor playing Kevin Lynch said that he would appear in two episodes again.
    We know he's in the upcoming episode and that Garcia will fear a proposition from him.
    He might appear in the finale for two different reasons : he's the one who is getting married to Garcia, or JJ and Will are getting married and he's attending the ceremony with Garcia.

  8. Oh brilliant idea! As someone with a bad case of married woman's disease (I'm happily married and I want everyone else as happy as I am) I'm always up for a wedding. And either JJ/Will or Garcia/Kevin is perfect (I like Beth but a little soon there. I hope she's a guest though). Also, I'm glad for that sort of an exit for Prentiss, while I agree that I don't see Paget Brewster coming back anytime soon (and I do wish her well) it's always better to avoid burning a bridge if you can help it.

    Now, grant you, I always adore a good cliffhanger (It usually means a show is coming back) but I will accept this as a sweet ending to the season. Now I'm looking forward to it.

    - RF

  9. I'm rooting for JJ and Will, I love them and want them to be together. Also, I was hoping hoping hoping this would be the way Prentiss went out but I always have fear when it comes to the writers of this show and any kind of character-based things so I almost cried tears of joy when I read it. Leaving the door open is great (she could even call it an extended leave of absence) but even if Paget never returns it wont be something awful and final. I like the idea of one finale with a happy ending after all the crazy action. Season 7 has been great for me so far.

  10. @anonymous,

    Not true, the ratings are not down because of the Beth character, you are giving too much power to a very minor character. The ratings always go down when CM goes against American Idol, I can post the numbers if you want but as an example, the worse ratings CM ever had was for a Reid episode 'Corazon'. Since it was a Reid episode should we say it was because it was a Reid episode that the ratings hit a all time low of 2.9? No because that episode had the misfortune to go against American Idol season premiere. It is the same thing here, CM is the only drama to go against Idol and as usual CM ratings went down but just to put things back into perspective, CM is still CBS number 2 drama after NCIS.

  11. Honestly, both Kevin and Will have had more screen time than Beth. And, both of them exist as primarily love interests for the main characters. Even with Kevin working in the FBI, he wouldn't be showing up if he wasn't Garcia's boyfriend. Romance has been a part of this show since season 3, when Kevin showed up. Oh, wait. Since season 1. Since episode 1. When we first met one Haley Hotchner. And, yet, all those years, the show having romance didn't stop it from being about serial killers. (Or, I would hope more being about FBI agents who catch them) So, I fail to see how a character who has only had 7 minutes of screen time so far this *entire season* has changed the direction of the show. Heck, Will almost doubled that in his first episode. And even then, before they knew he would be brought back, he was still partly there as a brief flirtation for JJ.

    Particularly since every episode she's been in has followed this formula. A brief opening teaser. A brief ending teaser. And in between? What? A case. A big chunk of screen time devoted to the case with nary a mention of Beth. So even in episodes with Beth, they're still primarily about the cases. So, exactly in what way is the show *not* still about serial killers? Unless the idea is that the show used to be *only* about serial killers. But, that just isn't true.

    And, what with different opinions, I could understand simply not liking the character. But, to treat the idea of giving Hotch a romance as some change in direction from the show requires retconning what's happened in past seasons. It requires ignoring that the show did a romance with Hotch before. His story -that we saw played out on screen- was a romance. And, as someone else pointed out, even it ending was a romance. Just what happens when the romance ends. Not to mention the other romances that were part of this show years before anyone even thought of the idea of Beth.

  12. I am glad that they are not killing off Prentiss, she is an awesome part of the team and will be sadly missed after she leaves. I am thinking that the wedding is between JJ and Will, they have been together several years and I think it is time that they get married and continue with their family. I don't think that Pen and Kevin are ready to get married, I mean he is never on the show with her, he has been on what 1 story this season maybe 2 and to me that hardly screams "marriage proposal". I can't wait to see what we have to look forward to in season 8.

  13. The only way I'll watch is if Emily gets married or at least gets a boyfriend. She's put us through enough crap already

  14. Why the hell would she come back? She's leaving for a reason. To fuck us all in the head

  15. This should be the last season. We can't have her keep leaving and coming back. There's no point in it. And without her, there is no Criminal Minds

  16. Anyone else feel like she brought our hopes up just to play with us? If she was gonna quit anyway, why come back in the first place? Don't get me wrong because I truly do love her but I feel like an on again off again boyfriend of hers.
    Just keeps breaking our hearts

  17. There's seriously no point in watching anymore. She has it running in circles

  18. You're kidding me right? Without Prentiss, Criminal Minds will be fine. Season 1 was the best season IMO and she wasn't even there. If they got rid of Hotch, Morgan, or Reid, then there isn't one because those have been there since the beginning and without them, it doesn't look right. Prentiss was great but it's not like I'm surprised. The actor should have just never came back instead repeating the same shit again. Whatever. I still love this show and looking forward to Season 8.

    Also, I hope Garcia and Kevin do get married but I'm pretty sure JJ and Will are the ones who will get married. Garcia isn't ready to marry but I hope they don't break up, especially because of Morgan. I mean, if you wanted her to be in love with muscled agent, why make her date some guy for 4 years and then break them off? The flirting should have stopped when she started dating. It wasn't that important. Maybe saying "Baby Girl" or little nicknames was fine but I don't understand Garcia. I use to love her and now, she's kinda getting on my nerves. (I still love her though) And the reason why people don't see them getting married is because they barely show Kevin which was a mistake on the writer's part but obviously they were dating and happy together. They had their romantic scenes and I can see them getting married once Garcia is ready to marry.

  19. I'm so going to miss Paget. I instantly fell in love with her and her character and now all I do is re-watch episodes for her.
    For me, there will be no more Criminal Minds after the finale. She leaves, I leave.
    And has anyone noticed that JJ is basically taking over her character? Emily speaks different languages, JJ steals that. Emily partners with Morgan, JJ steals that.
    Emily was special and now the whole show is just crap. JJ/AJ is a spotlight stealing bitch, and she should be the one to leave


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