Friday, February 3, 2012

Criminal Minds EW Spoiler on Dr.Reid

by Sandra Gonzalez

Q: Hi Sandra, I'm a fan of Dr. Reid on Criminal Minds. He was having headaches earlier in the season. Do you know if that will be revisited. Also, do you have any scoops you can share about Criminal Minds in general? Thanks — Kim F.
A: The case is sorta closed for now, according to showrunner Erica Messer. But that could very well change if Sue Sylvester can tear herself away from McKinley High for a brief re-appearance on the show. “It's hard to do another big Reid story about...

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  1. So for two years now every Reid arc has petered out because TPTB couldn't get Jane Lynch away from a different network. The headaches - shot down without Diana. That sabbatical over the summer - shot down without Diana. And of the major arcs in the past two out of the three of them involved Diana, the Fisher King and the Riley Jenkins murder. The only thing that didn't was his addiction.

    Here's a thought, try a story arc that doesn't involve his mother.

    Yes, she's an amazing character played by an amazing actress, but she can't be the only thing in his life and she's just not available. If you can get Hotch a new girlfriend, introduce us to Rossi's ex, show us that Garcia is involved with both a survivors support group and a theater company and give us that whole Doyle arc surely you can find some other aspect of Reid's life that doesn't involve his mother.

    Great work on every other aspect of this season so far, now just try to break out of the box on this one for next season, please. I have every faith that you can.

  2. What that person said. All of the other cast members have had some sort of character development. Reid's development has been pushed to the side and now his character feels kind of flat.


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