Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Criminal Minds Promo Video for Episode 7.13 'Snake Eyes'



  1. I'm guessing that Garcia is dreaming. What an odd thing for them to include in a CM promo.

  2. Odd? Not when you consider this episode will be shown on the first week of the Febuary sweep ;)

  3. I think it's odd. Criminal Minds has never included silly things like that in their promos, but I've known for the last couple of seasons that they are targeting a different audience and that I'm not that audience anymore. I still watch and enjoy, but the show is definitely catering to a younger audience these days and it has lost a lot of what made it "special" along the way. Still good, but no longer great.

  4. This promo reassures me more than anything. There are a few things in life I depend on. The Earth revolves around the sun, 2+2=4, and the promo guy on American tv lies through his teeth. And if he's not lying (and the promo guy always lies) then the way they put the clips together is a lie. If that voice said just "things happen next episode" I'd immediately assume that the next episode would show a blank screen the entire time.
    There's even a trope to that effect.

  5. To sf81387

    CM ratings for last season, it demo 18-49 average was 3.5 this season it is a 3.7, CM is up by +28.57%. That is good because CBS does have a much higher demo average this season and if you have an average of under 3.0 this season you will get canceled.

    That said, we all know promo do lie and some have put forth that maybe it is Garcia dreaming and not for real.

  6. Yes, I put forth that I think it was Garcia dreaming and honestly I don't care about any of that, I'm sure the scene will provide some much needed comic relief. I'm just saying, we've never seen silliness in the promos before and I think the fact that the demo is rising pretty much solidifies the point I was making about the show attempting to cater to a younger audience. It's working. I'm not saying that's a bad thing, just different and I've accepted different, but will still take notice when the differences are glaring.


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