Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Criminal Minds TVGuide SPOILER

Is Hotch's love interest Beth going to stick around on Criminal Minds? Will there be more after her? — Heather

ADAM: You will see her at least a couple more times, executive producer Erica Messer tells us. "They're lovely," Messer says. "It's nice to have our characters smile, because in the bulk of our episodes, they can't." But don't look for Hotch to rejoin the singles scene if...to read more TvGuide


  1. I like this. First that we'll be seeing Beth some more. I like her, I like Hotch with her (although I like him all the time). But, and this might sound like flip flopping, I also like the idea that if things don't work out, Hotch won't join the singles scene. That him getting involved at all, even once after Haley is big.

    Because as far as the idea in general, the one thing I've always objected to was the idea that Hotch *has* to be in a relationship. That if he did stay single, that would be abnormal and a mistake to be rectified, rather than a perfectly normal state of being, different, but not any worse than being in a relationship. That as a single guy he would have nothing to impart to Jack about love (despite the fact that Hotch has some knowledge of romantic love that he can impart to Jack. By that I mean the fact that Hotch loved Haley and must have good memories of their time together). So, I like that it sounds like *if* they decide not to make it long term with Beth, they aren't going to be racing to cast another actress to save Hotch from the dreaded and doomed to misery state of singledom.

  2. I love Beth too and I hope things work out between these two.

    Erica Messer just said : "I don't see Hotch as a character who is going to date around much," and "The fact that his eyes were open enough to see someone was interested in him was a huge step."
    The person who wrote the article is the one who brought the possibility of things not working out between Hotch and Beth, not Erica Messer.
    I want Hotch to be happy.


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