Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Criminal Minds Conversation Thread for 'True Genius'



  1. Very good case, I loved the episode. Thank you for letting Reid proves just how smart he's, scenes where Reid shows his genius have always been my favorite thing on this show.
    The birthday surprise party was sweet, too bad we didn't get any interactions between Hotch and Reid though, (I really love to see these two interacting).
    Maybe in a future episode...pretty please ?

  2. I agree: the episodes that delve into Reid's genius abilities are always my favorites. I love seeing glimpses into how his mind works both in solving crimes and in dealing with other people.

    The part where he was questioning his life decisions was a nice peep into his "normal human" side, too.

    Great episode!!

  3. Very good episode that showcased Reid Genius. The case was well written, I was guessing first who did it then why then did he have help, would Harvey join him. There was lots of mnisleading clues. It look like the unsub did all this to get a confrontation with Reid but was never what the killer wanted in the first place.

    There was many favorite moments but Reid talking with Prentiss about him questionning if he was doing enough with his life was great. Love how Emily reacted to Spencer's revelations.

    Just love the ending, first with the confrontation with the unsub, Reid was great in that scene! Made Caleb turn against his 'friend' and in doing so he did uncovered an unsolved dissapearence! Then The team throwing a birthday party for Reid, touching moment and loved how Rosswi kiss Reid! Dave is really the father figure of the team!

    Great writing and great episode!


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