Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Criminal Minds TVLine Interview With Kirsten Vangsness

Criminal Minds' Kirsten Vangsness Previews the Arrival of 'Garcia 2.0' and An Emotional Reveal

By Matt Webb Mitovich

This Wednesday on Criminal Minds (CBS, 9/8c), the case of the week is a personal one for Kirsten Vangsness’ Garcia when the BAU investigates the disappearance of a member (Army Wives‘ Brigid Branagh) of her survivors’ support group. Most curiously, the friend’s daughter went missing seven years earlier. TVLine spoke with Kirsten Vangsness about stepping front and center with, as she calls it, “Garcia 2.0.”

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  1. The Garcia episode sounds great, and I am looking forward to it. However,in her interview she just confirmed my worst fears about Hotch entering a romantic relationship. I am not a shipper of Prentiss and Hotch. Yet,Hotch was my favorite character, and I am very upset with this news. I think that they could have taken his character in so many other directions before they gave him a love interest. This is just my opinion. I will never watch Criminal Minds again after 2 more episodes. I am very saddened by this since I was a dedicated fan and thought Hotch was the best character on TV. I knew this about Hotch already before it was confirmed in this interview, but I was hoping it was not true or that he would not enter into a serious relationship. I am so upset by this news.

  2. Who says that the relationship will last? So far the actress who was casted was also casted in another series so she may not comeback any time soon.


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