Sunday, November 13, 2011

CRIMINAL MINDS Season 7 - 712. Unknown Subjet - BTS Photo

Photo by @CM_SetReport
Rehearsal between Paget Brewster, who plays SSA Emily Prentiss, and Thomas Gibson, who plays SSA Aaron Hotchner, on Criminal Minds.


  1. My little shipper heart is beating. Hotch and Em in a Breen episode! I hope Emily can move on, I really miss her badass, snarky, action oriented persona. But I want to know about her "Unknown Subject" and what she feels being back with the team. Also, I want to see a Prentiss - Garcia scene, that can let them tie all this months with their conversation in Valhalla. Well, just speculation until January 25th, but I am sure Paget will give us great acting as always.

  2. I hope this episode will deal with Emily's issues and give us great details on her time in Paris, so she can move on. I love Emily and miss seeing her in action, being herself, having fun moments with Morgan and Reid (one of the best scenes of CM in my opinion was where Emily played poker with Reid...) etc. I feel like, except in the episode "Painless", Emily's screen time in season 7 so far has been significantly less. I am absolutely not happy with that. She barely gets to hold a gun, she is rarely present in final scenes where they confront the unsub (in fact it is almost always Reid-JJ-Morgan so far) etc. I understand that giving equal screen time to all actors is quite hard but so far my feeling is that there is no other actor whose role/part has been reduced as much as Emily and/or Hotch. (I know we will have a Hotch centric episode and 7x12 deals with Emily but that is not what I am saying oh and I am not a shipper). Anyways I cannot wait for this episode, that's for sure!

  3. Criminal minds fan (LindsayAugust 13, 2012 at 2:26 PM

    I Love criminal minds including Aaron hotchner and emily prentiss are soooo good together she should be Jack's new mommy if she and Aaron get married


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