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Criminal Minds' Matthew Gray Gubler Q and A: 'I have to stay busy'

Criminal Minds' Matthew Gray Gubler Q & A: 'I have to stay busy'

Published Monday, Nov 28 2011  By Catriona Wightman

Hurrah! Excellent news - Criminal Minds' sixth season is out on DVD today. To celebrate, we've already brought you a chat with Thomas Gibson. But hey, don't say we don't spoil you - we've got a bit of bonus natter with Matthew Gray Gubler (Spencer Reid).

Matthew recently chatted to reporters about working on the show, so read on to find out how he feels about directing, what show he'd love to be in, and why he likes painting pictures of bunny rabbits...

So, how's Criminal Minds?

"It's going well!"

You act, direct, make films, paint, have your own music label... do you work at night?

"I do! I get very little sleep. But I try to stay constantly busy. My fear is that if I stop working I'll, like, die. So throughout my life I've always tried to remain busy, and I sort of know no other way. I think if my heart rate slowed it would affect my constitution, strangely. I've been trained to do that. My parents instilled a very strong work ethic in me from a young age, fortunately."

So do you finish work on the show and go straight into doing something else in the evening?

"That's sort of my only vacation. Especially with a show this dark - we're so focused on this darkness, darkness, darkness that when I get home the best thing for me to do is to, like, paint a picture of a bunny rabbit or try to do something funny or make something funny. Something that's completely different to give that part of my brain a bit of a rest."

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  1. Thank you for posting this portion of the interview with MGG as well as the link to the rest of it. I was not aware of the interview until I found the information here. This is a great place to find the latest on CM!

    I wish MGG was asked more about what is coming up with Reid but I guess he would not have given away any major spoilers. I really want to know what will happen with "True Genius" as well as the storyline arc we were promised!

    This is a good read, though, and it is nice that MGG does appreciate his fans so much. Hopefully, he realizes how much we appreciate him and the work he does on CM!

  2. To Sue,

    no we don't have spoilers about potential Reid storylines.

    I don't want to sound pessimistic be if I were you I wouldn't hold my breath.
    I know we were promised a story arc involving Reid's mother before the season started (by Erica Messer), but I'm afraid the whole thing might have been dropped.
    In the end we weren't even told what was so wrong with Diana that made Reid leave work for three whole months.
    I know that some fans will say "be patient", "we have the rest of the season to find out", but I prefer to be realistic.

    In the chats held by the "Criminal Minds Set Report" blog the writers of the episodes often answer questions such as 'will we see more about Prentiss time away in Paris in the future episodes', 'will we see Prentiss dealing with her ordeal at the hands of Doyle' (all the writers have answered that one I don't know how many times) and so on. When they have an answer they try to give it without being too specific/"spoilerish", even if it concerns an episode written by someone else.
    I have been to these chats and I have asked them more than once if we would learn what was wrong with Diana and/or if we would see more of that storyline in the future. They didn't answer, making me think that they have no clue and that right now nothing is planned on that front.

    I could be wrong (I know they receive a lot of questions and can't answer them all) but I just don't want to hope for something that will probably never happen.
    Their complete silence on that subject coupled with the lack of news concerning a possible guest appearance by Jane Lynch doesn't lead me to be optimistic about the whole thing.

    I was already so disappointed by "Corazon". All the spoilers led us to believe we would have a big Reid storyline, a "doozy" of a secret involving his health (and I was personally hoping for a serious physical illness that could make us see some team bonding).
    In the end Reid had headaches because he was too stressed, wow, what a great storyline right ?
    I was so disappointed it almost hurt and I don't want to make the same mistake twice.

    In my opinion, maybe we'll learn what was wrong with Reid's mother but that will be it, a 30 seconds conversation where Reid says that his mother was ill but is better now.
    Same thing with his headaches, if it's ever mentioned again I suppose Reid will simply say that it's really linked to stress....I don't think we should expect more.

    I'm still hoping for two things :
    1) I hope "True Genius" will be a great Reid episode, it might be the only Reid centric episode of the whole season (in season five he had 'The Uncanny Valley', and in season six "Corazon", if they follow the same pattern Reid will have a single centric episode in January : "True Genius").
    I don't even mind as long as Reid plays an important part through the whole season and as long as 'True Genius' is a really good Reid centric episode that allows him to shine with his intellect.

    2) I hope we'll finally get some Hotch/Reid scenes. The last time they had a personal interaction was at the end of season three, which is a shame. We saw they had a real bond and a great relationship during the first three seasons, Hotch even confided in Reid, Reid protected Hotch in his own way and they talked, they really talked. We saw that in more than one episode ("The popular Kids", "LDSK", "Revelations", "Elephant's Memory", "Damaged", "Tabula Rasa", "In Birth and Death",...) But maybe the new writers are not interested by their dynamic since they have stopped writing personal scenes between these two since season four, it's sad.
    I'm hoping against all hope that this season might give us some Hotch/Reid scenes where we could see some of their connection back.


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