Friday, September 2, 2011

EW Video Interview with the Cast of Criminal Minds

Source EW

'Criminal Minds' cast talks BAU's big reunion. Plus, Paget Brewster on her emotional upcoming scene. -- EXCLUSIVE VIDEO

by Sandra Gonzalez

Before we head off for a long, labor-free Labor Day weekend, let me offer you a behind-the-scenes look at some very hard-working people: the cast of Criminal Minds. In early August, I visited the set of the CBS procedural to get a sense of what’s going on at the BAU now that A.J. Cook and Paget Brewster are back full time (and test Matthew Gray Gubler’s skateboarding skills ).

Take a look at the video, featuring the aforementioned, Joe Mantegna (pictured), Shemar Moore, Kirsten Vangsness, and fearless team leader Thomas Gibson. I apologize in advance for my terrible camera skills, but hopefully that doesn’t put a damper on the cast’s (and, I’m guessing, the fans’) prevailing message: This is a reunion to look forward to. And for more on Criminal Minds, pick up this week’s Fall TV Preview issue of Entertainment Weekly, on stands now. Criminal Minds returns Sept. 21.


  1. I can't wait -2 weeks and 5 days to go - I wish you all the best this season. WELCOME HOME A.J. AND PAGET -

    E.J. Jahnes

  2. While I am happy the team is back for Season 7, I am a little worried about Season 7. A few days ago I posted in the comments section on this site information I heard about a possible JJ and Hotch affair on fan. forum. com. I thought this was just misinformation at first, and I was hopeful that the Hotch/JJ affair spoiler rumor was NOT TRUE on Fan. Forum .com : (located message 7 page one) since no evidence existed of shipping characters. NOW I AM NOT SO SURE, AND I AM SOMEWHAT WORRIED. One poster on Fan. Forum. com pg. 6, who was opposed to a JJ and Hotch romance, noted today that she received an e-mail from a person who claims that there is a NEW ARTICLE. This mystery article claims that Messer said in an interview that SHE IS NOT GOING TO RULE OUT MORE THAN A FRIENDSHIP BETWEEN HOTCH AND JJ . This poster noted in her blog: that the person who e-mailed her said that the new article indicated that while a full romantic relationship between Hotch and JJ would most likely not occur this season,Messer said that it would get "tense" between the two characters this season and that other team members would notice. Also, Messer supposedly suggested in this article that a JJ and Hotch relationshipcould develop into something more next season. I AM STARTING TO WORRY NOW SINCE A SO CALLED ARTICLE EXISTS IN WHICH MESSER REVEALED THIS NEW INFORMATION. I AM SHOCKED AND UPSET ! I HAD CONFIDENCE THAT MESSER WOULD NOT DO THIS TO THE SHOW. THE POSTER GAVE ME SOME HOPE WHEN SHE STATED THAT THE PERSON WHO E-MAILED HER DID NOT YET PROVIDE AN ARTICLE LINK/ MAGAZINE SOURCE WHERE THIS ARTICLE EXISTS. I wish someone at CBS or the producers/ writers would read the postings on this site and clear up this confusion. Didn't anyone at CM Roundtable or any other credible CM fansites see this information ? If the information is true, I WILL NEVER WATCH THE SHOW AGAIN. I HOPE MESSER WILL RECONSIDER BEFORE she does this. If not I hope, fans can convince her through a letter or petition not to take this avenue. IT WOULD RUIN THE SHOW, AND I AM FAIRLY CERTAIN THAT MANY FANS WOULD NOT WATCH THE SHOW . ONLY A FEW SHIPPERS WOULD LIKE TO SEE THIS HAPPEN. PLEASE SOMEONE FIND THIS ARTICLE. I HOPE THAT THIS INFORMATION IS NOT TRUE. AGAIN, SORRY FOR THIS LONG POSTING !!!

  3. i love the show but my favorite character is emily and i dont want her character to leave the show

  4. i love paget brewster in the show she is the best actor in the show i love her and the show would not be the same without her


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