Friday, September 9, 2011

SPOILER Criminal Minds' Thomas Gibson: Things Are Not Back to Normal

From TvGuide

by Joyce Eng

Thomas Gibson can only think of one way to sum up Season 6 of Criminal Minds.

"The sh-- hit the fan basically. And you can quote me on that!" he tells "But the great thing is now we feel more reenergized than ever. There's a whole fresh energy on set and we're all really excited for this year."

And why not? After drawing fans' ire for dumping A.J. Cook and Paget Brewster last year — in addition to hiring Rachel Nichols — CBS rehired the two actresses in the spring and dropped Nichols, bringing the BAU's core seven back together. "As we should be," according to Gibson.

While JJ (Cook) was briefly reintroduced in the season finale, Prentiss (Brewster) will come back from the "dead" in Season 7 after Hotch (Gibson) and JJ faked her death to evade her IRA nemesis Ian Doyle (Timothy V. Murphy), whom Morgan (Shemar Moore) has now "made it his life journey" to pursue. "There is really only one way that she can come back as herself," Gibson says. "That's what has to happen in order for her to come back."

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  1. While I am looking forward to episode one of Season 7 and the renewed team interaction, I am not sure about the new focus on the agents' personal lives outside the BAU. I do not want it to turn into a soap opera. This is not really the focus of the show. I think the show should focus more on profiling and team interaction. This is just my opinion though!

  2. you'r right the show should stay the way is it but it is going to be boring if they just are making the same all th time

  3. I think they can show their personal lives and still show cases and profiling - and for the profiling to still be the brunt of the episode. And, it's not like they never showed their personal lives before. From the very first episode. The very first scene ever of Hotch was at his home, building a crib. And, it was still first a show about the BAU.

    The thing that doesn't make sense to me is Hotch taking over Strauss job. Helping out, because of a specific story, sure. But, permanently? First, from what I understand, it's not because the actress has other commitments. And, it's not it's the kind of part that requires anyone to be available. It's a recurring role that doesn't need to be written in. Strauss only comes when the plot demands it. So, they don't need to fill in the part. And, creatively, I don't see what they could do with it. Strauss' job is to oversee all the teams. (Well, I think that's her job) But, the show is about one team. Our team. I don't see them putting Hotch supervising other teams of people we don't know and don't care about on screen. So, Hotch has this entirely new job that doesn't add anything to the show. Or to the character. Not to mention, it's one thing to help out someone in a bind. But, on a permanent basis? Wouldn't Hotch say someone else needs to take the job (wouldn't Strauss look for someone else)? Because of one important issue. Especially because he's doing a job that limits the amount of time he has, I think Hotch would be wary of taking on more work. It would mean he has less to give not only to Jack but to the team.

  4. I want them to be as a family, normal people will hang out, will fight and will solve their problems. And I want Emily to show emotions about her ordeal and not compartmentalize it.

  5. I am ok if they show some aspects of the character's lives, but I do not want it to go too far. Sometimes when a show explores the personal lives of characters it means romantic plot lines. This gets boring. It sounds like they are going to introduce romance in the show this year - for example- Rossi's ex- wife returns. If personal lives mean finding romance for a lot of the characters, I think that the writers could think of much better story lines about the personal aspects of character's lives. I think it is enough that we have Garcia and Kevin and JJ and Will. The show is about profiling and team interaction not dating. In an interview, Thomas Gibson stated that Hotch should soon date. I am a bit surprised. While I understand that Hotch might find someone eventually(last few episodes of the show), I think that the writers should first address his grief process over losing his wife in Season 5 and that they could think of a much better story line for Hotch's personal life. Also, what is the purpose of the writers killing off Hailey only to introduce another woman in Hotch's life ? Hotch's marriage did not work because of his dedication to the FBI, but now he is going to date again ? I was hoping to see more of Hotch's grieving process and time with his son BEFORE they introduced a new romance.


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