Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Criminal Minds SPOILER Season 7 Gets Personal, Bringing Back JJ's Baby Daddy and More

From TVLine

Once the dust that comes with pulling Prentiss “out of the grave” settles, CBS’ Criminal Minds will take a breath and use some of its seventh season to explore the more personal side of the hard-working BAU agents.

“Every time we can reveal another layer of one of our characters, all the better,” executive producer Erica Messer told TVLine Tuesday at a Paley Center event tributing the crime drama. “We study how everybody else ticks, how all the bad guys tick, and I want to be able to study our heroes, too. And this season, we’ve earned that. It’s seven years, so I think it’s time we get to do that.”

For one, A.J. Cook shared with us that we will revisit William LaMontagne Jr., the onetime New Orleans detective whom viewers first met in Season 2, and in Season 4 emerged as the father of JJ’s baby.Third Watch‘s Josh Stewart will again reprise the role.

“We’re going to see her baby’s daddy and her baby again, which my actual real-life son will be playing,” said Cook. “So it’ll be fun. We’re definitely going to see into her personal life and what’s been happening there.”

Speaking of love interests, as first reported by TVLine, Homicide: Life on the Street‘s Isabella Hofmann will guest-star as Rossi’s first wife, in a two-week arc beginning with Episode 5.

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  1. I love you guys, you know that, but please do not paste entire articles. It's simply not proper, and deprives hard-working reporters of web traffic. Thank you.

    Matt Webb Mitovich, TVLINE

  2. I have to say that I would not have come across this article if not for Criminal Minds RT (@criminalmindsrt) so thanks

  3. Thanks for the article and the news.

    Since we're going to have a storyline dealing with JJ and Will (with Henry) and a storyline about one of Rossi's ex-wives, I hope that will be it for romance. I wouldn't want to see more romance storylines than that.

    It's interesting to know that Reid's past drug abuse will be addressed and I'm glad to know the writers are not planing for Reid to relapse.
    I wonder if we'll see "John" again (the high ranking FBI agent who, in my mind, became his sponsor - maybe he's the Director of the FBI, who knows ?).

    Also, I really hope that the writers won't forget about his story with his mother. I really want to see that one play out : what kind of "family problems" Reid is facing and what will happen. That's what I look forward most this season !

  4. Cant wait to see Henry (JJ and AJ son) he is sooo cute!!

    XOXO - Bren

  5. I think Reid suffering a relapse would have been interesting and it certainly would fit in after the lies half of the team told him! I hope the writer's at least acknowledge that Reid is not cured as drug addicts don't get cured. The problem is ongoing--a lifetime struggle. You can be in recovery, yes, but you are not cured. There's a difference!

    As for the storyline with Reid's mother, I don't know...I was hoping it had more to do with Reid and his own personal issues NOT hers. I'm not looking forward to that at all. I want more on Reid's headaches as well as his past with drugs. Those are the storylines I'm most invested in!

  6. I agree with the anonymous about the "drug addicts don't get cured" comment. I'm still relieved to learn that Reid won't relapse, it's not something I would want to see : I'm afraid about the repercussions it could have for Reid, his career, and his credibility as an FBI agent.

    But him addressing the issue could be interesting since it's a life long struggle. I would love to see John again, it could be interesting to learn that Reid helped him at some point because John was on the brink of relapse. The team would be shocked to learn that Reid has that kind of connection with someone so high up, it could be a nice role reversal.

    As for his mother, I LOVE the idea of Diana having her own problems and Reid being the one who has to deal with it and take care of things. It'll bring us a new perspective of Reid's life and an interesting one I think. And if it's something big, maybe the team's relationship with Reid could be highlighted through the whole thing ?

    Once last thing, about Reid becoming a Reid part time professor : I would love it if Reid taught Chemistry, Mathematics or Engineering.
    He has PhDs in these disciplines and I would love to see him teaching science. It fits him and I love to see Reid's scientific background explored.


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