Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Criminal Minds SPOILER Season 7

From TvLine

Question: Any word about Criminal Minds exploring Reid’s headaches further this season? —Meredith Ausiello:
The issue is not addressed in the first batch of episodes. What is addressed early on— by Reid himself — is his past drug abuse.


  1. I'm glad they discuss Reid's drug abuse, I don't remember anyone ever actually finding out, and it becoming resolved. And hopefully, Reid admits to it, instead of briefly bringing it up, and the side effects to a person who was an abuser. :)

  2. He never out right said he had abused drugs, but one of the team knew and indirectly advised him to continue with NA...or what ever it was he was going to.

  3. I think this has something to do with Prentiss return. Based on the way she manages "compartmentalizes" her emotions, might she have become an alcoholic or an addict during hiding?

    Also, it could come back as a way for Reid to actually confront her on her lies and secrets as she did when he had his issues.

  4. Well we know he's attended meetings (Elephant's Memory), and I've always assumed he just kept going to them when he needed/could. I think it's about time they addressed it. I don't like how they kind of just dropped it after season 3...

  5. I agree that it is about time they came back to Reid's drug abuse and addressed it properly. It never was dealt with in any great detail and I think this is a disservice to the character. Addicts are not cured. They are either actively using or in recovery but there is always the possiblilty of a relapse. I think everybody lying to Reid (Hotch, Emily, JJ) could possibly bring on such a setback. The show may not go there but this would be a situation where Reid might want to just "forget and escape" and use drugs to do so. He has abandonment issues as it is. To think his friends, his family, betrayed him by keeping him out of their circle of trust...I've read that Reid takes it the hardest. Maybe he does so by turning to drugs again. If not, he might bring up the possibility of their (Hotch, JJ, Prentiss) causing him to suffer a setback as a result of their lies. I wonder if they would feel guilty if he did relapse as a result of this betrayal. Anyway, I'm excited Reid's past abuse is being addressed and hope that it is done so in a way that makes sense! Of course, he'd be facing legal issues if he's using illegal narcotics and also if it is made known that he stole the drugs off of Tobias' body. So I don't know how much can be dealt with and still keep Reid on the team. I hope the writer's don't blow this! Whatever happens, MGG has to stay on the show for Season 8 and beyond!


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