Monday, August 22, 2011

The Cast of Criminal Minds at The Pageant of the Masters

What a beautiful night to be in Laguna for the Pageant of the Masters. This is the perfect setting for a summer night of fun. That some of the cast of Criminal Minds were there for a Meet and Greet made it all the more special. This is the 3rd year that many of them have attended a showing of The Pageant of the Masters but this is the first year that they have had an event of this nature for the fans of Criminal Minds.

When we first arrived we asked where the event was going to take place and the usher just pointed to the very long line. We arrived about an hour before the signing was supposed to take place and there was already a very healthy line. People were excitedly talking about the show, their favorite actors and characters, their favorite episodes. Let me tell you that the line more than doubled after we joined it.

We knew we were getting close when we spotted the show’s Executive Producer Erica Messer standing close by with some of the loved ones of our cast. Erica saw us and came over for a quick hug and a hello. We introduced her to some fans standing with us in line who all told Erica how much they love Criminal Minds. Erica is always so interested in what fans have to say and we love having her at the helm of our favorite show.

Finally the time arrived for the cast to make their way to the signing area. High-fiving and hugging fans as they made their way through the throngs of people, Joe Mantegna, Paget Brewster, AJ Cook and Matthew Gray Gubler were there looking as handsome and beautiful as ever. Shemar Moore was slated to join them but couldn’t make it after all to the disappointment of many of the women waiting in line around us.

We took some great pictures of our cast in action, watching them as they interacted with their many adoring fans; talking to them, signing pictures and cards, taking pictures. Because of the length of the line, only a short time could be spent with each fan before they had to be ushered along. But even with just a few seconds, these amazing actors took the time to connect, share a quick laugh, and thank their fans for coming out. If you are a fan of Criminal Minds and the actors on the show, you are a fan of some pretty incredible and kind people.

If you couldn’t be in Laguna last night, CMRT was there for you all by proxy and we hope you enjoy the pictures we share with you.

We will post more pictures in the days to come!


  1. I was very lucky to be able to attend and they were very sweet
    and tried to stay to please fans as long as they could until they were ushered by security for the show. They high fived everyone on the way out too..I was lucky to get high fived both times and hugs :) by the guys
    they truly made it a great night and a wonderful experience
    Stephanie, San Diego CA

  2. There are some nice pictures on Matthew's My Space posted by someone who met Matthew afterward in the gift shop and he stopped again to let people take pictures with him.

  3. I am jealous. Being thousands of miles away!

  4. I wish I could have been there especially because joe Mantegna was there!!!

  5. I have to say -for the cast to come out and do this for the fans -I give them all the credit - a Fantastic bunch of people !! To bad I live down here in Florida -or I would have loved to meet them !!!


  6. I wish I could have been there, hope they visit Argentina some day. Love them all!
    Ana Laura. Buenos Aires, Argentina.


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