Friday, May 6, 2011

Criminal Minds SPOILERS End of Season 6 and for Season 7

'Criminal Minds' exec teases Dr Reid plot

Friday, May 6 2011, 12:07pm EDT
By Morgan Jeffery, TV Reporter

Criminal Minds producer Erica Messer has confirmed that the show will explain Dr Reid's headaches.

The character (played by Mathew Gray Gubler) has suffered from unexplained migraines throughout the show's sixth season, but Messer told Entertainment Weekly that Reid's illness will be explored properly in a potential seventh season.

"Honestly, that storyline, that whole idea behind that, started before we lost A.J. [Cook] and Paget [Brewster]," she explained. "There was [also] a chance that we were fearing to lose Matthew just because of contract negotiations."

She continued: "That storyline kind of got implanted and then never truly paid off in this season, but we want to sort of conclude that next season. That's the plan."

Criminal Minds star Thomas Gibson previously insisted that the show's future is secure, claiming that many viewers are still "connected" to the crime drama.

source: Digital Spy

'Criminal Minds' exec teases cliffhanger

Wednesday, April 27 2011, 11:11am EDT
By Morgan Jeffery, TV Reporter

Criminal Minds producer Erica Messer has confirmed that the current season will end on a cliffhanger.

The showrunner told TV Guide that the sixth season finale will see the BAU team come under threat from a financial crisis.

"It's about our team and the financial cost of crime fighting," she explained. "The goal [with this episode] was to show how much the world needs our heroes and how important it is that we keep the team together.

"Bad guys seem to have endless funds but, as in real life, there are budget cuts in the government, and the team is in jeopardy of being split up."

It was recently confirmed that A.J. Cook will reprise her role as Jennifer 'JJ' Jareau in the season finale, having previously been axed from the crime drama

Criminal Minds star Thomas Gibson recently insisted that the show's future is secure.

"Each year seems to have contained the challenges of transition, and no greater transition has been called upon than this year," he suggested. "The show is continuing just like the team is continuing, but hopefully we're ready for whatever the next transition is."

Criminal Minds continues on Wednesdays at 9/8c on CBS. The sixth season finale will air in May.

source: Digital Spy


  1. The more I learn about "spolers", the less motivated I feel to watch CM next season. Next to be fired, Matthew Gray Gubler? I wouldn't be surprised, CBS execs are bitches!

  2. No, because they are not foolish. Three-quarters of their fan base is going to read this, squee and vow to watch Every Single Episode next season looking for the slightest hint, even something as simple as him carrying a book down the street. After all, that's what happened this year, even as we all bitched about everything else.

  3. I'm really not sure how to feel about the news about Reid's headaches.

    I would like to be able to feel enthusiastic about it, but right now I find it hard.

    It was implied that his headaches were stress related (even if it was not confirmed).
    So what are they going to do about it now ?

    "Concluding" the storyline might be Reid simply acknowledging that his headaches were linked to stress and that he now feels better...
    Or we might have Reid mentioning consults with a therapist (with maybe a scene or two).
    Either way, I don't see the point, they'll never have the time to dwell on that kind of storyline and they will just let it go quickly.
    As a Reid fan I would like to see something more interesting for him in the next season.
    I'll really feel cheated if that's the best they can come up with for Reid.

    But if there's a real twist and the reason of his headaches is completely different (not psychosomatic, but organic) then it could lead to something interesting.

    It's wait and see I suppose.

  4. I think the writers are just covering their bases with the story lines. MGG and JM are only contracted until season 7 and nobody wants an abrupt send off if they dont reach an amicable agreement with the studio. TG and SM apparently still don't have contracts so the finale's going to be as cliffhanger-y as possible regarding the team. If one of the contracts don't get renewed, everyone knows the reason why in tv land and in real life, which oddly enough might be the same reason-- budgetary constraints

  5. IMhO: Just about any organic problem involving mental illness will put Reid out of the BAU. If it's physiological then he's seen a series of really bad doctors since he said he saw more than one- I think the Therapy thing does have potential: it's not like magic dust-problems don't just disappear. Things still need to be dealt with. Therapy can be very difficult and many people drop out b/c they don't want to face the things that trouble them. IMhO it would be interesting to see Reid try to reconcile what he lives with in his work to regain control of his brain. His biggest fear is not having complete control of his head so seeeing him fight for it would be interesting (and here's the biggest problem) if it's done properly...I think it is the easy way out for Reid to have an organic problem. The character will be forced to grow more if he has to admit he may need a little (more) help from his friends to stay sane/in charge/balanced. Either way I hope its done well.

  6. Even if Reid is, by far, my favorite character, I'm not expecting anything from that storyline.
    Reid going through therapy is not a storyline I would enjoy and I don't see how the writers could possibly take the time to include an in-depth exploration of Reid's mental state.
    I'm sure that all the BAU team members could benefit from a therapy, but it's not something that can be realistically dealt with considering the format of the show.
    They should let that story rest in peace and go back to "Reid : BAU's resident genius".

  7. Para mi tambien mi personaje favorito es Spencer, seria demasiado decepcionante que por problemas de contrato Matthew no siguiera en la serie, pues para mi el es la esencia de Criminal Minds.. sin desperdiciar a los demas integrantes.
    En cuanto a el problema de las migrañas espero al igual que muchos fans, que los guionistas de la serie sepan darle el mejor giro al personaje, pues seria una pena que tuviera que "irse" de la BUA por esos motivos... ademas que para todos el es fundamental en la historia...
    Ojala que la 7ma temporada salga pronto, pues espero con ansias el ver que sucedera con mi serie favorita, en especial con el guapo Dr Spencer Reid.

  8. I am very much invested in this storyline for Dr. Reid. It is bad enough that the drug addiction storyline was abruptly dropped, and to me, anyway, the "meeting" in Elephant's Memory was not a conclusion to this story. It has been hinted at that Reid may be attending support group meetings since he seems to know more about how they work but something is still lacking as that storyline was not really followed through.

    I don't want the same up in the air feeling with the headache storyline. It should be explored at length and MGG would do a superb job with it! The writer's just need to come up with something that makes sense and still allows Reid to be on the team. This storyline is the one that I am most interested in for Season 7. Reid should be the center of the cliffhanger as well as long as MGG renews his contract!

    I heard you can get back headaches after being struck by lightning and even experience some memory loss. I'm not sure about sensitivity to light. The thing is all possible causes should be looked at and then the best one for Reid used for this storyline. I'd like to see Morgan grow much closer to Reid as a result of his situation with the headaches and for him to really step up as Spencer's main source of support! Hotch should be involved as well but he's Reid's supervisor. Morgan is filling the best friend/brother role.

  9. I love Reid so much and I feel the show doesn't give him enough attention. They almost just use him for some helpful facts then throw him out of the story. Now they're finally making things interesting with this migraine delema and they're just gonna drop it after so much suspense in season 6? Why would they do that to so many MGG fans nationwide? It's just wrong. What they need to do is start talking about his possible schizophrenia/autism, while at the same time keeping him on the team.

  10. I agree i think reids character sets the show apart from other crime shows. His character is different by the fact that he does not act like the typical detective + FBI that is known in other shows.I also agree with the above comment that they don't give enough attention to his character. Loosing the actor would definitely turn me away from watching the show. His character of being smart but still having drama in his life is a major show deal. i hope they are smart enough to not get rid of the mathew and also change the show dealing more with him


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