Sunday, May 1, 2011

Criminal Minds Cast Attending the Ceremony and Party for Joe Mantegna Star on Hollywood Walk of Fame

picture by @cheekv


  1. Lovely pics, thank you.
    Joe looks well-smooched.
    Ha ha for the wonderful David Mamet looking so much like Morocco Mole, if I'm not dating myself very badly here.
    I love this blog. So many of the CM blogs are gloomy complaining places. This one simply takes pleasure in the show and the cast and you are much appreciated by me now I've found you!

    UK viewer

  2. Love ALL of them. Thanks so MUCH FOR SHARING!!!
    However, looks like SM forgot to tie his boots.... running late??? LOL


  3. These photos are such a treat!! Shemar "smooching" on Mantegna...PRICELESS!! This entire team has got to be back together for Season 7!!! Gibson sent his apologies from Texas (he's vacationing with family) But sent a hardy CONGRATULATIONS to Joe for a job well done!!


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