Thursday, April 14, 2011

Chat Transcript with Criminal Minds Writers Rick Dunkel and Kim Harrison

Here is the last part of our chat with writers Rick Dunkel and Kim Harrison. Thanks to Rick and Kim for taking the time out of their busy schedule to chat with us!

Sir_Bedivere: so is there anything that you can tell us about the seaon 6 finale? even a little tiny crumb. will it be a cliffhanger again this year?
Rick: Not the kind you're used to
Rick: It's different. The case wraps up but there is uncertainty in the air.
Rick: It's hard to explain.
Rick: It's brilliant.
Kimberly_Harrison: I think you said it... it's about the uncertainty.

guinevere: with the writer shake-ups we have had in recent seasons, will both of you be back next season?
Rick: Yes we will.
Kimberly_Harrison: yes, both of us will be back.

Guest1: Who's the focus in the finale; Morgan was the focus in Season 5?
Sir_Bedivere: we like that news
Rick: It's more of a team focus this time.
Kimberly_Harrison: The focus is on the "team"

Sir_Bedivere: how about Breen and Erica. any news on them?
Rick: They will both be here.
Kimberly_Harrison: They'll be returning.

Guest1: Will Erica Messer continue as the lone showrunner?
Rick: Yes, we are very sad to see Simon leave but very excited for what he's doing.
Kimberly_Harrison: Yes, Erica Messer will be running things

Sir_Bedivere: Are there any other writers from this season staying on?
Kimberly_Harrison: Janine
Sir_Bedivere: we are all 100% positive that there will be a Season 7 but when will it be announced?
Kimberly_Harrison: Not sure.. Soon I hope
Rick: Might not be until upfronts...

Guest2: I hope they can get AJ back
Rick: It's certainly been a roller coaster year, hasn't it!?!
Rick: In an ideal world we'd have a roster of 8 main cast members... Bring Prentiss and JJ back, and see how Seaver grows.
Rick: Whatever happens, it's been interesting... I miss Paget a lot and obviously I want her back, but writing the Ian Doyle arc has been my favorite thing to do
Rick: It's allowed us to go outside the box in ways we didn't think possible before.
Rick: 100 gave us that, too.

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