Saturday, April 16, 2011

A.J.Cook back on Criminal Minds for 2 years!

From AJ Cook:

AJ Cook
JJ's back! Just signed 2 year deal. Excited to work with cast and crew again. Thanks to all of you!

and from Deadline Hollywood

EXCLUSIVE: JJ fans can rejoice. After a week of negotiations, A.J. Cook just closed a two-year deal to return to CBS' drama Criminal Minds as a regular. She will guest star in the series' sixth season finale on May 18 before re-joining the show full-time in the fall.

Cook departed Criminal Minds after the end of last season when her option was not picked up, stirring outcry among fans of the show. She appeared in the first two episodes of this season to wrap the storyline of her character JJ, who was transferred from the BAU to a job at the Pentagon. Cook then returned for the last episode of the season for co-star Paget Brewster, which aired last month. If Brewster's NBC comedy pilot My Life As An Experiment does not go to series, she will also likely return to Criminal Minds in the fall since series' producer ABC Studios has an option on her. Cook's return to Criminal Minds does not bode well for newly minted regular Rachel Nichols, who was brought in to fill the void left by Cook's departure. Meanwhile, ABC Studios is yet to close new deals with original cast members Thomas Gibson and Shemar Moore for next season, with negotiations continuing.

Paradigm-repped Cook was offered to return to Criminal Minds late last week after the series' producers recently came up with ideas for JJ for next season. Despite her exit from the show, Cook and her character continued to be extremely popular among Criminal Minds fans. Heading into Season 7, Criminal Minds will be run solely by executive producer Erica Messer following the recent departures of executive producers Ed Bernero and Simon Mirren, who have served as co-showrunners with her this season.


  1. So excited to have AJ back where she belongs. I hope they sign Thomas and Shemar to 2 year contracts too and soon! It is probably selfish of me but I'd like Paget to come back too! So much unsettled still but this is a step in the right direction.

  2. Yes very exciting news! We hope too that CBS will sign Thomas Gibson and Shemar Moore for a two years contracts too! Having Paget back would be even better!

  3. rachel needs to stay she is great

  4. I agree with you, Sir Bedivere. Have the team back together the way they belong:).Even though Seaver has started to grow on me...

  5. I am so happy that AJ is coming back in the show!! I really hope that Thomas, Shemar and Paget will stay in the show, the cast is just perfect as it is right now, don't change anything!!
    Rachel is good in the show, I found her character interesting and the relation between hers and Rossi's characters is great, a dad-daughter relationship in the show.
    Of course, I so glad that AJ is coming back and I think that it means that JJ and Aaron will be searching for Doyle and so Emily would come back!

  6. Yay i hope Thomas & shemar stay! Paget should def come back. I don't no about racheal she hasn't grown on me i wouldn't mind if she left.


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