Monday, February 7, 2011

Criminal Minds DVR+7 days Numbers

Here are the numbers for 'Corazon, it was Criminal Minds first night against American Idol.

Numbers by viewers:

Those who did watch live: 12.127 m
Those who did DVR the episode: 2.415 m
Total viewers: 14.542

Numbers by 18-49 demo:

Those who watched live: 2.9
Those who did DVR the episode: 1.0
Demo 18-49 after DVR+7 days viewing: 3.9

NOTE: same day DVR+7 days viewing numbers may not be taken into account
by advertisers, meaning they do not pay for those viewers, but the C3 ( same dvr+3 days viewing) are and according TvByTheNumbers those numbers, C3, are very close to the same day +7 days dvr viewing numbers.


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