Friday, February 11, 2011

After Losing AJ Cook, will we lose Thomas Gibson, Paget Brewster and Shemar Moore ?

From DeadlineHollywood

Will Paget Brewster be back on Criminal Minds next season? CBS certainly hopes so, I hear the network recently gave her an offer to return to the crime drama as a full-fledged regular next season. But as part of her modified deal for this season, in which she was asked to scale back her duties as a regular on the show (though she ended up being in every episode so far), Brewster was allowed to do a pilot for next fall, and she is using the opportunity. Brewster has already been approached for 3 Fox comedy pilots. She has comedy history at the network, having co-starred in the underrated Andy Richter Controls the Universe and done voice-over work on American Dad. Brewster is free to do pilots at any network/studio, but because CBS and ABC Studios, which produces Criminal Minds with CBS TV Studios, want her back on the show, I hear CBS, ABC and their studios will be refraining from offering her pilots to not compete with Criminal Minds for her services. "We'd hope that she would stay, she has the option to do so,"CBS' entertainment president Nina Tassler said at TCA last month.

Because of her situation, I hear Brewster's storyline on Criminal Minds this season will end with a cliffhanger that will allow the producers to bring her back or write her off if needed.

Brewster is not the only Criminal Minds cast member whose return to the show next season is uncertain at the moment. The deals for stars Thomas Gibson and Shemar Moore are up at the end of this season and I hear the two are nowhere near new pacts. Matthew Gray Gubler and Joe Mantegna have another year on their contracts, though I hear Gubler has been seeking a salary bump. Kristen Vangsness got a new deal in the summer as she also co-stars on the Criminal Minds spinoff.


  1. They all deserve a salary bump!

  2. I agree, they are amazing actors and actresses.
    And if Morgan is gone, I am not longer watching the show.
    It would not be the same without him.

  3. Is CBS insane? First AJ, then Paget and Now Thomas and Shemar?!?
    I SURE will not watch Criminal Minds without Thomas Gibson! The BAU
    without Hotch as its leader is just no acceptable! Get your act together
    CBS and sign Thomas back and with a raise!

    So unbelieveable, Sheen shutdown production on a CBS show, CBS will lose money beause of that. Was that the first time? No. What does CBS does? It rehire Sheen and give him more money! While CBS may cut the CM cast even more! This stink CBS!

    Btw I will NEVER, EVER whatch the spin off! That thing cost us AJ and Paget and now we may lose Thomas and Shemar! No, No, No, No spin off for me!

  4. I honestly don't think we have to worry about this. It would be an absurd decision to change most of the cast.
    Last year there were similar talks concerning the cast deals of another hit CBS show, NCIS, cause all the actors hadn't reached a deal on their contracts yet. So I'm really not feeling concerned about this rumor.

  5. We know now that the ball is in Paget's court and it will be her decision. I truly hope she chooses to stay Contract negotiations are often difficult and drawn out and I don't think this is any different. It really means nothing at this point. I would like to mention that I am not a fan of the poll on the CMF website. I think it puts each of these fine actors in competition with one another and I really do not think it is appropriate.

  6. I was under the impression that Paget was exiting, but this article indicates that this is not actually the case. Given that A.J. has tweeted that she will appear in Paget's last episode, I consider the statement about Paget's 'return' next season as inaccurate journalism, and that Paget's exit from the series is a given.

    I also believe, that if this information about Shemar and Thomas's contracts are accurate, that they hold the power as to whether or not they will return next year - and that unless CBS gives them what they want (if both gentlemen do in fact wish to return) - then they will return for season seven.

    Surely, CBS knows this franchise will crash if it loses another two cast members after the negative press they generated as a result of dismissing A.J. and reducing Paget's epidose order. It would be foolhardy to have four cast members exit within the space of two seasons. Look at C.S.I after the exit of Peterson, Dourdan and Fox - they had to get Fox back in order to give the show legs again.... Maybe just maybe they'll bring A.J. back.

  7. AJ tweet was probably about Paget last episode for this season. Paget's contract is for 17 episodes in S6.

    To those who think CBS cannot afford to let TG and SM go, of course they can. The question is; Can CM survive if it lose its lead actor and one of its supporting actor? I personally think if TG leaves CM is done.

    To Anonymous; deadline hollywood is a VERY reliable source, what the article said is that the episode is written in a way that make it possible for Paget to comeback if she want to.


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