Friday, November 5, 2010

Joe Mantegna is asking the Criminal Minds Fans to Help in a Worthy Cause

Joe Mantegna asked the Criminal Minds fans to help in a worthy cause, here is what Joe did tweeted a few minutes ago:

Hi all, I'd like to ask for your help. As you know I am involved with The American Wheelchair Mission which provides free wheelchairs to impoverished people all over the world. I have a goal of filling one ocean container with wheelchairs donated by Criminal Minds fans. 1 chair is $150.00 (cheap).

Please go to then select donate at the top of the page and where is asked "how did you hear" be sure and select Criminal Minds. If you can't do $150 do $5 If you have kids and they can run and jump and play, do it as a way of showing gratitude for that good fortune. 280 chairs is one container full. These chairs are $500.00 but they get them direct from the manufacturer for 150.00 each. These are the chairs:

If you can, please help this worthy cause!

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