Sunday, October 31, 2010

Criminal Minds Promo Pictures for Episode 6.09 "Into the Wood"


  1. Thanks for posting these pictures, they are great.

    But is it me or did Matthew once again cut his hair ?(I would like to believe it's simply more tamed but it looks so short...).
    It might sound stupid but I was hoping he would let it grow (at least a little). I actually started to like his hair again in 'Devil's Night'...

    Other than that great pictures. The whole team is "into the wood" (minus Reid apparently), it could be quite interesting. It could be great to see Reid monitoring things from the station (if it's a station).

    I can't wait to see this episode.

  2. Is it just me or does anyone else have the strange urge to either comb Matthew's hair or mess it up even more? lol

    I'm kinda sick of Reid not being in the final showdown tbh, or what I'd like to call 'disappearing Reid'. Hopefully he gets back in it soon.

  3. Since Thomas Gibson tweeted this picture a while back I knew Reid was going to be stuck at the police station (again) in this episode.
    The question is : is there a good reason for Reid to not be on the field in this one ? I'm not sure, but considering the other pictures taken by Thomas Gibson during the filming of this episode there might be quite a bit of mapping and triangulating work for Reid...It might be essential for Reid to stay at the police station and help the team who is in the wood...
    We need to see wait and see I suppose.

    Since I love the usual floppiness of Reid's hair I too hope Matthew didn't cut it too short.

  4. I might be the only one but I love Reid's hair short. He looks so hot! I wasn't so fond of it in the first few episodes of season 6 but it looks great now. I loved the longer hair as well but this is great in a different way. I can't get over how amazing he looks in these pictures. I hope we see more of him in upcoming episodes!!!

  5. I never did like the longer hair, the short hair look much better on him. MGG look younger in those pictures.

  6. Just like the other poster I thought Reid's hair looked great in 'Devil's Night'. There was a bit of a length in it and it wasn't glued or sliced back, so I liked it.
    But in those pictures, it's way too short for my liking.

    Moving on, I'm excited to see this episode, and I hope that Reid's role will be essential to the team. If he can't be in the field with the others I hope he gets to shine in his own unique way. I want that exceptional brain of his and his unique skills to be put to good use and to be highlighted (geographical profiling, triangulating, all the mathematical work involved in this,...).

  7. Wow this episode looks like it will be a good one. And Matthew is looking so good! He just keeps getting hotter and hotter. I also hope that showcase more of that exceptional brain of his.

  8. Since this has turned into "Let's talk about MGG's hair" discussion I will add to it - lol! I knew he cut his hair because it looked shorter in the photos that Terry Richardson took of him. He looked great in those pictures. I like his hair long and short. I really can't decide - he's just so cute that anything looks good on him. I will also add that he looks pretty good lately. I can't wait to see this episode. The one this week looks like it will be good as well.


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