Saturday, May 22, 2010

Criminal Minds: CMRT Visits Behind the Scenes Part 2

We got to tour the LAPD set. It's amazing how just a few changes and they make this area of the set change into whatever local field office or police department they need it to be. The magic of television.

Dark woods usually indicate some level of importance

These pictures would be the desks where the detectives sit.

Amazing work the crew does to prepare each office for the shoot.

The set dressers meticulously put up the crimescene pictures and make it appear that a full scale investigation is under way.

Check back tomorrow for more behind the scenes pictures


  1. The CM crew is absolutely the best! They do such a great job of creating the mood for the show! Huzzah!

  2. One of the reasons why CM is is so great, the crew! Their work is so awesome! They bring so much reality no matter where it is. *Thumb up*


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